Joggers Look Book

So we mentioned the trend at the start of the week and now I have to put my money where my mouth is and work a few looks for you all using this new casual trend! I do not think it is going to be hard to get a great casual look down or even a fashion forward casual look, but I will have to see where the mind takes me after that. We will try to be quite creative today and I think that we can probably do a mix of styles within each outfit.

So did any of you run out and grab a pair or two of these joggers after the trend report? I think some of you might, and I certainly picked up a couple of pairs of the 23:23 jox from Topman as they reminded me a lot of the All Saints Gun fit drop crotch jeans. Dark colours are always going to be best in order to rock a smarter fashion look, but standard greys and other bright bold colours can create casual and street style looks very well. You can’t beat the comfort either on days that you just don’t feel like being squeezed into your skinny jeans for hours on end!

So let’s get into this…

The Outfits

This week like I said, I am going to try and create more of a mix of items within each outfit. I have got to admit this was HARD this week. Obviously with something as casual as the sweatpants/joggers the easy route is to throw on casual items and be done with it… so hoodies, graphic tees and the like are just standard and pretty much all of you could create this look with ease. I have tried to push it a little further so I started thinking what items are on trend right now and which clothing pieces I would like to dress with the joggers. It was then a case of trying to make different styles work – for instance blazers and sweatpants!? Although in most cases below I think it turned out alright. This is an article that is trying to be a little more eye opening to the possibilities of creating outfits so it will be a lot of hit and miss with you all as to what you like.

Fashion Forward
So the first outfit we create is fashion forward. I have taken the black drop crotch skinny jox from Topman and combined them with 3 (yup count it) items that are bang on trend… the leather jacket, bold check/plaid shirt and photo print t-shirt that we featured earlier on in the week. We can create this edgy fashion look because the sweatpants featured here are skinny versions in a dark colourway that pretty much look like relaxed skinny jeans anyway. The leather jacket is hooded in order to give it a more relaxed vibe, and I have just bought this one so I needed to include it really! Throw on the black worker boots to create a sharp silhouette and then tuck the sweatpants in to really ram the worker trend home.

I have added the trapper because it’s coming up to winter and it would be an unusual and eye catching accessory that most other males will not be wearing. I picked grey because it coordinated well with all the other items, plus it really does have that whole lumberjack and manual worker vibe going for it – so it coordinates with the feel of this outfit when combined with a check shirt and boots. Obviously you can tailor this outfit to your spec – you might want to leave the hat altogether or opt for a more simple and subtle beanie.

Departed Leather Hoodie Superdry Lumberjack Twill Shirt Yanky Reg Tee

23:23 Pouch Skinny Jox ASOS Work Boots Grey Fur Trapper Hat

2nd Fashion Forward
I really wanted to push the boundaries with this so I started to think about how I could incorporate a blazer into the ensemble. Black I thought was too formal, and mixing with dark joggers looked a bit too “try hard” – as in I was trying to hard to pull off a relaxed formal look and making the joggers something they are not (trousers). So I embraced the grey pair of jox this time and paired them with some simple but effective Superga mid cut hi-tops. This keeps the bottom half of the outfit exactly what it is – relaxed and casual styling.

For the top half we went for the clash of styles that I am so into right now. We are still playing on the whole casual vibe by teaming a plain white tee with a great light blue thin hoody by Gap. It is fleece lined to keep you warm but does not add any unnecessary bulk in your layering. If you kept this outfit on just as it was then it would be like any other really simple/clean casual outfit. We have really changed the whole feel of it though with just 2 key stand out items.

The navy blazer when thrown on top is just casual enough that it doesn’t look try hard and the colouring matches really well with grey and sky blue. Just like the key to double denim is mixing washes, I think the key to rocking any similar colours is mixing the colour tone between dark and light. I have also included a skinny tie in a blue check which should be tied around the neck in order to provide some coordination with the more formal nature of the blazer. There is a clash of styles here from top to bottom but it is really narrowed by adding the hoody underneath the blazer to keep the casual edge. Now it becomes just a sharp casual outfit which is not too over the top or trying to be something it’s not.

This is a look that was not for everyone, but I wanted to try and get you to expand your mind in terms of traditional items and what they can be used for. There are no SET rules for fashion – you can create your own personal style and rock it well as long as your confident about it and keep the basics in mind.

Navy One Button Fitted Blazer Gap Thermal Lined Hooded Sweat ASOS Scoop Neck T-Shirt

23:23 Grey Hoop Jox Superga Cotu Cut Boot Gap Plaid Scarf

Rocker/Dark Outfit
This is quite a dark rocker look that I wanted to create in order to pair the trench/mac coat with the joggers. This time I used the dark green joggers at Topman because they have really clean lines and a slim fit which looks great when paired with military style boots (see image for them). This time I picked the All Saints boots to match them with because they are know for creating very dark and edgy clothing and footwear. It was a no brainer to throw the graphic print tee in here, so I picked again from All Saints new in range – they make great graphic tees don’t they!

The next 3 items are my favourites though… I love the grey shawl cardigan as it has unsymmetrical edging and is more of a drape variety. It brings just enough colour change between all the dark monotones and looks great with a graphic tee when left open (again like in the picture for it). The trench I picked has roots in military trends but also rocker as it is double breasted with epaulettes. The dark black colour when mixed with the military boots will give this outfit a real edge, and I think it would look amazing. You would forget or not even notice that the wearer has joggers on.

I then put in a quite eccentric fashion hat. Yesterday I wrote that Topman were pushing the blood red colour (as well as others) for winter and I went on their site looking for a plain rocker trilby in a black or grey. What I thought though is that this particular trilby would really stand out in this outfit that is made up of really dark colours and provide a great focal point for the whole get up. Plus the black ribbon round the item just tipped me over the edge. Again tailor to your own personal style – you might want a beanie or flat cap substituted in… or no hat at all.

Peoples Market Edwaddell Double Breasted Mac Peace Springs Eternal Tee Tuesday Night Band Practice Shawl Neck Cardigian

Dark Green Tracksuit Trouser Military Boot - Men Burgundy Wool Trilby

Geek Chic
This is our “Street Geek Chic” look. We have created this so easily using the inspiration from the actual joggers picture below (and the main image above). This time we pick the bold blue statement joggers and match them with some amazing blue Marc Jacobs hi-top trainers. This keeps the bottom half a real eye catcher and means you should tone down the top slightly in order to balance it. For the top half this time I went for a really a simple crisp white polo shirt from All Saints which I would button right up to the top to keep the geek vibe. Then match with a plain beanie and the geek clear lens specs. I have gone for an oversized beanie this time and also some tortoise shell geek spectacle frames because like I said at the start we want to keep this more “street”. This means not typical geek but the kind of preppy look that is rocked by someone who just oozes cool… think Pharrell Williams.

I then threw on the black Timex digital watch as again it has it’s roots within the whole geek vibe but is just a cool version of a classic watch using black polarised metal. A really simple look that anyone can pull off. You can also mix and match your top half items… you might want/need some warmth so you can add geeky fitted cardigans, hoodies to push the street style or just a great nylon jacket. Remember to use layers and keep the items in line with your inner “street geek”!

Fight Club Polo Slouchy Beanie ASOS 50's Clear Lens Glasses

23:23 Blue Hoop Jox Marc Jacobs Embossed Logo Hi-Top Trainers Black Classic Digital Watch

Street Style/Casual
Here I have done a casual outfit like I mentioned at the start. At the end of the day joggers are meant to be a relaxing item that are all about comfort. They have always given off a casual vibe and so we can easily match them with hoodies, tees and the like for those days when we just are not up to it. Here I have done this by taking the black zip Jox at Topman and matching them with the big chunky Diesel leather hi-tops which I absolutely LOVE. This keeps the bottom half simple and casual but the trainers are just a notch above true casual hi-tops and I love the zip detailing in the joggers. It’s the little details like this that make you stand out in a crowd whilst wearing pretty much the same thing as everyone else.

This time I used another photo print tee by Religion because I think this is a nice secret underground trend for everyone who knows their fashion. For the hoody I had to give love to Elvis Jesus just because we featured them this week and I have bought a couple as well. Grey matches black very well and is also enough difference to the white tee in order to separate the layers nicely. Plus look at the back of the hoody and you will find graphic prints, hand sewn sections and that extra bit of detail you need to set yourself apart.

Accessories are a good way to add flair to an outfit like this. This time I have picked the tasselled scarf which should be tied as it is in the picture. It has a really subtle check pattern which is bang on trend and it gives your top half that little bit “extra”. I also love fingerless gloves because they become more of a fashion accessory than a practical item you wear just because its cold. These again come in grey which will match the hoody colouring well and I would recommend tucking your hoody sleeves into the actual gloves as well.

With casual style the options and accessories are limitless so go away and create NEW looks to see what works for you and the items you already have.

Elvis Jesus Hoodie Religion White Mask Girl T-Shirt Check Tassel Scarf

Diesel Glamrock Leather Hi-Top Trainers 23:23 Black Zipper Skinny Jox Grey Fingerless Gloves