This Weeks Men's Clothing Picks

I always do a LOT of shopping over the weekends. I normally can not be arsed to face the crowds in my local city on a weekend unless I really want to check out a new launch, shop or collection that I have been told about. This means I scour the Internet for new items I can put in my wardrobe either for this season or in preparation for the next. What is great about the Internet is that you can really take your time whilst shopping and think about what your buying. You clothes/wardrobe will normally be in the same house, so you can search through it and see EXACTLY what you can wear with the new item you want.

Also, if you know your sizes for each designer then you can feel secure knowing that it will fit once it gets to your door a couple of days later. This is a big tip for those who are scared of Internet shopping. I have a list of designers I love and what sizes I am in their clothes at any one time. For example I know I want an XL in any All Saints top/t-shirt/knitwear and a 32″ inch waist in the regular jeans or 34″ in their really skinny fits. You should do this with everyone, even designers you only buy every so often. I know I am an XL in Elvis Jesus but only a large in LRG for example.

Anyway enough of my rambling, here are some of the items I either bought this weekend or desire. Hopefully you will enjoy them too.

This Weeks Men’s Clothing Picks

If you haven’t checkout out our men’s designer clothing category before then you really should. I list literally 1000’s of items from nearly every retailer on the Internet you could imagine. They all have the best price listed for every item and every designer you can think of is featured.

Here are some items that caught my eye. They will all be from that retailers new in section usually. If you like this feature I will start to do it every week because it’s good to see what other people recommend as it will more than likely be stuff you haven’t considered before – Personally I think these items would look good on anyone.

Doing some really great stuff recently and these jeans/pants and shirt I think are amazing. A bright half knit in a summer colour is also a must for cooler days.

Black Gun Pant Overpainted Quarry Shirt

Strap H/s V-neck Hippy Reg S/s Crew

Love the jeans with braces built in. Perfect for a preppy look with a slim fit polo. Also a couple of purple options there which I will do a story about this week. Love grey canvas at the minute, little bit different to white but still light and airy for summer.

Voi Yoshi Jeans Converse Grey/Multi Double Tongue Ox Trainer

Guide London Plum Check Shirt Voi Jeans Purple Pique Polo Shirt

My Wardrobe
Higher end stuff but worth it. PRPS jeans are one of my favourite designers at the moment and you can’t get it that many places on the Internet. A classic black shirt will never go out of style in the office or for formal looks. Love the black canvas and they have just started letting people in the commercial clubs here (backwards or what!?) with them on so they will definitely be added to the wardrobe. A fedora looks so cool in the summer with shorts and a shirt and I particularly love the grey tone of this one.

Black Classic Fit Shirt by Paul Smith London Torque Denim Straight Fit Jean by PRPS

Black Classic Lace Up Plimsoll by Superga Black Sunshine Skull Tee by 2K by Gingham

Grey Herringbone Fedora by New York Hat Company Yellow Duelling Match Crest Polo by Polo Ralph Lauren

I love the colour blue at the minute and am picking up as many tones as I can! LOVE the chinos below and the new Adidas that haven’t even dropped yet (pre-order). Also denim shorts and a pair of tortoise coloured sunglasses are a must this season.

Sophia Kokosalaki x Linda Farrow Martin Margiela Cotton Jeans

Martin Margiela Gun Metal Ring Humor Chinos

Adidas Forum Mid Trainer Humor Denim Shorts

A few cheaper items available as well.

G-Star Base Singlet Vest Bench Glory Jeans

Sol Cal Stripe Colour Polo Black Dice Hustle White Watch