Skater Style

The look you are going forWelcome to another edition of this weeks outfit! As you may well know from last week, we are starting to put together some fresh outfits which you can add to your wardrobe. As always the outfit will be a full one and right on point with the latest seasons and trends. Today we have decided to enforce Spring/Summer on ourselves with the skater look.

However, this isn’t your normal baggy pants and massive t-shirt outfit that you find on the local youths down the park… Oh no! We are going to transform it into something you might see on the runway, but still keep the overall ideals of street style and the boarder look. Like with any form of style or fashion, you can mold it to how it suits YOU. Remember that piece of advice, as it is important and is what will set you apart from those people who never change their look at all.

There are 5 main aspects to this outfit and these are: The plain tee, Hoody, Smart Shorts, Smart/Casual shoes, and the Accessories.

This keeps the overall relaxed vibe of the skater with the plain tee and hoody, but then adds some extra flair and class with some smarter, stream lined casual shoes and tailored shorts. The accessories also add some flair with a pinstripe trilby and key/wallet chain good options to round it off. I have put down 2 alternatives below for each particular item and the overall cost of the outfit can be as low as £225!!!

Check out all the items you will need in the full post…

What you need for smart skater style

Smart and Slim Shorts

Sidwinder ShortsNavy and green plaid cotton shorts
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The Basic White Tee

White V Neck TeeChatchi Deep V
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The Hoody

Nom De Guerre Hooded SweaterMichigan Hoodie
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The Footwear

Firetrap Quartz White Classic Lace Up Plimsoll
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The Hat/Accessories

White Pinstripe TrilbyRotanev
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