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Each week from now on, we are going to be featuring an outfit that you can buy completely online. These will be inspired by the latest mens fashion trends, what’s hot right now, as seen on a celebrity, or stuff we have bought and know looks great. The idea is by pulling together full outfits for you, you can see how easy it is to mix and match styles, colours and patterns. If you buy it then you have a pre-made outfit which you know will look great and it will also give you confidence to go out and shop for items that you know will mix well.

I have called this first outfit the Spring Bright Nautical. Basically it revolves around the nautical trend we have already featured in our post of the month (with dark navy colours and deck shoes), but also adds some bright spring colours to layer on top which will make you stand out from the crowd. This whole outfit comes to a total cost of around £500 and is in association with MyWardrobe, who are one of my favourite new men’s fashion shops online. You can wear this outfit at the weekend for some laid back shopping or even for drinks with friends in the sun (hopefully!). It is a very preppy overall look and those bright yellows and pinks contrast so well with the Navy lower half.

See the items you need below…

Get the Look

Of course you can pick up just one or two pieces if you already have similar items within your closet. You don’t need to buy everything shown below, but it just shows you what type of items you need to mix it all together.

 Yellow Classic Knit Cardigan Red Fitted Gingham Shirt

Navy Light Cotton Trousers Navy Nubuck Slip On Loafer

Optional Extra – Bright Socks and Hat

You can add some bright socks into the equation and roll up your trouser legs to around calf level to give that extra added focal point and eccentricity. A Panama Weave Hat will also add that extra style to this outfit and really drive the whole Yacht Club look home. Both really works extremely well with the overall Nautical feel.

Pink Thin Stripe Socks Natural Rafia Weave Panama Hat