Andre 3000 Rocks the hats like no otherHats are very much in style this year (oversized beanie anyone!!!), however we believe you must also remain warm during the cold winter months. Covering your head is important for your health and your body. There are many fashions you might consider for a hat this year. The most unusual hats you might consider include traditional winter hats, fisherman hats, and leather or fur! Yes we said it!

The plain winter hats are in style like they have always been and they will always stay in style. The traditional winter hats are designed to keep your head warm and they will. You can choose one of these hats in wool, fleece, or cotton. The best winter hat is one that is big enough to cover your ears so it should be deep. Your earlobes should be completely covered. Wool is warm but it is also itchy. When you choose a winter hat be sure you try on the different fabrics before you make a decision. A good hat is one that doesn’t require you to remove it every few minutes in order to itch your head. Some of the most stylish hats available for winter can be found at Urban Outfitters, All Saints, Republic and Bagga Menswear (Goorin Hats).

Fisherman hats have a unique and stylish look. Although it sounds ridiculous, you might find after trying one on you like the way they look. A fisherman hat is designed to keep your ears and your entire head warm. Fur Hats were on all the runways this yearYou can find some very stylish fisherman hats through designers like Diesel and DKNY.

Leather and Fur Hats

Leather and fur can give you a distinguished and classy look while maintaining warmth in your head (you have to be thinking Kanye West or Andre 3000 at this point). Leather and fur look excellent on older men and gives them a more polished look. It is important to combine leather and fur hats with the proper jacket. A scarf included makes for the perfect accessory. Fur hats are okay if they do not have the Daniel Boone look. They should not be flashy or stand out too much. A fur hat should be low key. The best option is to keep fur from your list if you aren’t sure what looks good and don’t have that swagger to pull it off confidently.

So, there are many different types of hats you might consider this winter to remain warm. Leather, wool, and other fabrics are favored but be sure the hat is comfortable too. Step out your comfort zone, ditch the standard beanie for once and be a fashion trend setter, not follower! Be unique and be confident in yourself.