Vivienne Westwood Men's Clothing

Over the next few weeks is when the Autumn/Winter stock starts being delivered and it is an exciting time for fashion – spotting trends, looks and essential pieces which you need in your wardrobe over the next 6 months. So for the next few weeks we are going to be showcasing some of the new lines filtering through from a variety of major designers, styles and budgets. After a few weeks we will be able to spot the major trends that are forming, and therefore will enable me to roll out a collection of outfits and post which capitalise on all these.

So sit back, relax and enjoy some brand new collections. It will be good for you to see designers you may not normally consider, and will help you develop your style and personal taste further. This will be great practise for the new season as by the time winter actually rolls around, you will be well versed, well rounded and know exactly what your looks will be.

Vivienne Westwood is one of the most well loved and flamboyant fashion icons in the world. Anyone who saw her on Jonathan Ross recently will know she is a bit eccentric and maybe even a little crazy now! However, you can’t deny her creativity and talent for producing high quality and high fashion items, which are normally tailored to the more professional/formal market.

She has a way of producing classic items each and every season that are timeless. They will last through multiple seasons and years due to the quality of the manufacturing, materials and cut. She made a great point in that interview with Jonathan Ross where she said people should now be concentrating on spending less frequently on fashion, but when they do, to buy high quality items that will LAST. This is great advice, and we should always be adding to our wardrobe with care and precision, not just on a whim. You need items that coordinate and can be worn all year round – either on their own or layered.

The new collection (so far) I am going to showcase features beautiful knitwear in classic colours like black, navy, greys and even a great maroon colour. Formal shirts are also featured, but with a bit of a twist using 3 narrow buttons at the top of the shirt. It is the small details like this that will really make you stand out in a professional environment whilst not being over the top. My favourite part of the collection has to be the grey giant checked overcoat. Just a beautiful example of how a formal overcoat should look like – the colouring, detailing and style is all amazing. A true investment piece that will definitely stand the test of time!

Vivienne Westwood Clothing

As well as these amazing classic items, there have been some new wallets released. I am mentioning this because I think having a quality formal wallet such as these with a chain on is so different. I have never come across someone in a formal environment with a wallet chain attached to their trousers. It again just sets you apart as well as being practical – plus the chain is of amazing quality and looks like contemporary jewellery. Just a thought for those in the 9-5 routine.

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Grey Giant Check Overcoat White High Collar Slim Shirt

Grey Classic Logo Cardigan Maroon Double V Neck Knit

Pink High Collar Skinny Shirt Grey Classic Wool Crew Knit

Tan Stamp Credit Card Case Black Stamp Wallet With Chain

Black Classic Orb Messenger Cream Floral Classic Fit Shirt

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