is currently looking to expand it’s website offering and become a much bigger and even more well rounded website for all you male’s who come here looking for advice. I have managed, built and edited everything within this website for 2 years now, and I am going to need YOUR HELP if I am to make this site anything like the vision I have for it.

I am looking for some fashion minded male or females who would like to guest blog and/or contribute to this website (male or female side) on a consistent and regular basis. If you have a passion for male or female fashion then please read on because you could potentially have your ideas and articles published to a worldwide audience of over 500,000 people a month!

What We Are Looking For

As you know, I write an article every working day of the week. I do this for our male and female fashion site, which takes a lot of time up each and every day creating, writing, editing and publishing. I LOVE to write about fashion, but I find that I no longer have the time to do all the articles and push the site on FURTHER. I still want to write stories each and every week, but with more contributors and writers on the roster it means I will have spare time to develop the offering in the hope of becoming the global leader within the male and female fashion sectors. It also means that with more personal opinions and perspectives on board, we will become an even more well rounded site.

I am looking for people who will contribute regularly. This means anything from one story a week all the way up to 5+. We unfortunately can not pay contributors to write for us in terms of monetary payment, as we only make enough from sponsorship and advertising to keep the site running for free, and pay for our new more powerful servers. However there are multiple benefits to writing for a major online presence like ourselves…

The Benefit To You

We get over 500,000 readers a month on (combined men and women sites), which means your written articles will be seen by literally MILLIONS each and every year… Imagine what this can do for you in terms of a work portfolio to show potential employees. It literally will go out on a global scale, and is one of the greatest personal ads you could place for yourself if you are looking to break into the fashion business, writing or journalism.

We will of course give you your own personal author page on site, where you can write a brief description about who you are, your likes/dislikes, photo(s) and even work experience. It will be like having an online CV and biography accessible at any time to anyone worldwide!

Who Might Be Interested

So who might be interested in writing for us? I think all these people would benefit:

Students – Those of you who are studying fashion, journalism, English and other related subjects at university might want to contribute so you can showcase your work across the globe. Would be a great reference for future employers or for your current course.

Potential Fashion Industry Workers – For those of you who want to break into the fashion industry – be it as a designer, buyer, stylist etc. then showing you know about Fashion is a great place to start. By writing interesting and thought provoking articles to 1,000’s of people each day, it means that you can potentially make a name for yourself within the industry. Plus we work with a lot of large name fashion clients on a direct basis like: Selfridges, Net-A-Porter, Urban Outfitters, MyWardrobe, Oki-Ni, Topman, All Saints, Burton and many many more!

Models – Again, if you want to show you know about the fashion industry and really get your name out there, you can write for us. We will give you your own author page where you can include photos, and a personal bio which anyone can access from anywhere in the world!

Fans of the site – A LOT of you read our site each and every day. The majority of people are genuinely looking for fashion tips and to expand their own personal style, whereas other’s just have an incredible passion for the fashion industry. Those people come here looking for ideas, and thought provoking articles that help them to expand their own great style FURTHER. These people I would really love to help contribute to this site and make it even better. You may have an amazing personal style which gets compliments everywhere you go, or are just known as a fashionable male by your peers. Either way, I would love to hear the thoughts and advice from the “naturals” and the thought process they go through when purchasing items and creating outfits.

Then again… some of you might just want to plain show off to your friends by writing for one of the biggest men’s fashion sites on the Internet!


How To Contact Us

So if you have read all this and would just like further details, then please just get in contact at: men[at] – Obviously change the [at] for @… it’s those pesky spammers we have to write it that way! Alternatively, just click the contact us link at the very top of the site, above the logo.

Help us get even better today… You have the chance to be part of something massive!