So here I am, back again. Attempting to put a few shoddy words together, emanate Michael Caine's 'Alfie' chap (charm-check, wardrobe-check, dapper eccentricity- I'm half there), pedal a few insights and aphorisms and hope no one shouts at me for detrementing the English language in an effort to display an overzealous lexicography yet offering minimal understanding of what I'm actually doing with it… Oh yeah and I'll shine a sartorial spotlight on what you need to be wearing and what you need to put back in your grandmother's closet (or wheelie bin retrospectively).

Topman LTD

Topman already acts as the toddler-steps of the many man's wardrobe. They provide the baseline for ensemble success but also the obvious necessities for wardrobe annoyance with any concerned fashion-proficient. The ideology that a head to toe Topman look is one of which instantly gains any title of admiration is non-existent to say the most. Come on gentlemen, I taught you better: diversify.

Fortunately, Topman is but is not LTD to (don't let my fantastically bad humour go unconcerned) the check shirts and raw edge T-shirts of its majority.

“The latest LTD offering from Topman fuses gentrified fabrics and rustic luxury with modern techniques. The result is timeless; expect to see quilted panels alongside classic elbow patches, fine gauge knitwear and premium button detailing across the collection.”

This is not the first incarnation of Topman LTD but is certainly the first of any kind picking up on the one to look out for: Elbow patching. With its equestrian'esque (horse'esque?) aesthetics and cuts, Topman definitely hint at the return of the English countrymen looks for AW; it'll be a jolly good show as I sit here in my… jodhpurs?

  • Grey Wool Mix Quilted Jacket
  • Black Silk Neckerchief
  • Red textured button Jumper
  • Jersey Jodhpurs
Shop The Look…

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Top 3 Hyped Looks of

This is a new input to the news & roundup get-up. Some marvel in the idea that the most hyped looks are of the most 'pretentiality'. Coincidentally those feint few are non-apparent among the top. The only whiff of an ostentatious exploit is from the hackneyed song lyrics posed for an outfit title.

Top 3 Hyped Looks on this week

What I love about these top three is, by no effort of my own accord, they each bring a different trend to the non-existent table. 'Teenage wasteland' has put on display a butchery of jeans into shorts and paired with the quintessentially British 'The Who' tee for a tattered rock-geek (?) geek-rock (?) chic look.

The “Sometimes I wake up and write stupidly long titles for my lookbook looks that take people like Luke ages to write and take up all sorts of nonsensical space on the FashionBeans website” look is the nautical without the nauticality; anchors galore with any hint of the blue, white or red out of sight. This is a great example of how to carry those trends going through the AW season when retailed colours fade or do not seem attire-appropriate. My advice for this look would be to pile on the colour where it is unassuming. Bright red socks or a nautical-inspired neckerchief will make the difference between entering a room and making an entrance.

Varsity blues, the third in our looks couldn't be more American prep if it were to be sipping from a clich? red and white plastic cup. And the biggest shock of the look; the jacket, H&M wouldn't you know? I can confirm certain rumour-mill activities that H&M will be launching an online store later this year or the early of 2011. At last they're not overlooking the deep, needy needy want want pockets of the Atlantic counterpart.

ASOS Displays: Fred Perry AW10

“Fredrick John Perry” doesn't really stand out as a brand name; but as an institution, it sings in its neatly top-fastened polo. An icon, inventor of the sweatband, pioneer of the polo shirt and an Englishman whose countries ambitions of beating the Germans are actually justified.

A uniform for an era, the white, and laurel encrusted polo was only supplemented in the late 50's as the mods demanded a more varied palette for their iconic emblem attire. Ironically, it isn't far from stupidity to approach a mod with the pressing question of their favourite hue of sapphire or ruby. Best stick to letting them find the AW10 on ASOS for themselves. Here are a few selections from the FP AW on ASOS, viva la anagrams.

  • Fred Perry Contrast Barrel Bag
  • Fred Perry Laurel Tootal Scarf
  • Fred Perry Albion 2 Leather Hi-Top Trainers
  • Fred Perry Crew Neck Striped T-Shirt
  • Fred Perry Colour Blocked Track Jacket
  • Fred Perry Cricket Polo Shirt
Shop the full range on ASOS today:

Fred Perry on ASOS. Click Here To Shop The Range

Brand History Focus:

When vintage shopping (I promise to become relevant to Coggles) you take on a piece of history. Sometimes that history can be a little to concerning but with any stretch of the imagination bleach you can create new less undesired meaning for a piece; this exactly what Victoria Bage did with her business. Few brands are on the charming side of audacity to carry a story of history and heritage off well. Coggles is the exception.

The story goes that in 1976 founder Victoria Bage, was about to expand her successful new business and open her first store when she discovered her lover was having an affair with his secretary, Sarah Coggles. Victoria did not suffer fools gladly though and on discovering the affair, she promptly threw him out and named the store after the secretary to remind him of the mistake he had made.

Now that's a kick in the Coggles. (

New Look, Good look, bad look: Shirts

Consequently, if you've been sleeping/ incapacitated/ inebriated or what not for the past six moons you'll anticipate my endorsement for cross-dressing. That's neither here, nor there, nor in public. But for those of you who can handle your liquor better than my Nan you'll stand with me in giddy shock and awe at the New Look Menswear.

The resurgence of the once unobserved quarter of retail is welcomed with its fresh and original, non-sheep'like approach to design.

With knit-pattern and fair isles playing a big part once again in an AW season, New Look are by no means slow in making key pieces available! Their exclusives are available online or in their Oxford Street flagship (what flagship isn't?)

In this week's weigh-up I will be hunting, well I've hunted (I'm trying to forget!), the best and the worst of New Look shirts. No really, I'm trying to forget.

Good Look

Black Placket ShirtA black placket shirt is a great way to add contrast and era into your look, regardless of formality. The sharp, central line helps elongate your frame for not want of a better word. Your visual will be streamlined from top to bottom. Pairing with a pair of well fitting black trousers, suited to your body type, and a pair of pointed wingtips is to show the attitude of dressing for an outfit, not dressing in a nice shirt with a nice pair of trousers with some nice shoes.

Then again, what better way to p*ss off the entire attendance of any family-orientated occasion than by showing up in a god-awful shirt? Be it Christmas, birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvahs (so on and so forth) make sure none of those sodding in-laws attempt to create any form of conversation with you by standing at the bar wearing…tie dye.

Hate me if you will, throw rocks rather than “peace and love” my way, but please keep your tying and your dyeing to yourself!

Niceties over, I strongly believe New Look Menswear division to be one of the strongest competitors for control of the male mass-market. Their designs are innovative, their prices (bargain granny here) are incredible but I am yet to even see a fresh-out-of Primark chap sport anything apparent from year 5 textiles.

Bad Look

Tie Dye Shirt'nuff said.

Sign off

Fashioning these editorials and style features brings hidden context into light. It can make the unapparent, dastardly apparent. With every click of a key you're indulged what you create and you revel in what you learn. Even now I'm scared to stop, not to mention; scared of any tie-dye effort. I would rather just sit back in a settle of ghost writing as it were in my ability to notice something I couldn't four sentences ago. With every new article comes new knowledge; not as you would assume for the reader, but for the writer. This week brings us a roundup of all things fashion and news'y (please don't point out my blatant disregard for the English grammatical system). When delivering news, amongst the level of empowerment, there is a degree of responsibility and the niche ideals that become apparent should not go unnoticed. What has become apparent in this instance is…I really need a news theme tune.

That Luke.