Trend Colour: Camel

So today I am going to showcase another men’s fashion trend in my Autumn/Winter series. This time we are going for a colour trend to compliment the other articles featuring an item trend (Shearling jacket) and look (town meets country). I have been featuring the more selective trends in these previews because I want to open you up to new ideas and hopefully spark some life into your wardrobe. We are all prone to sticking with what we know, and even being complacent within all areas of our lives – it is just human nature – but this year lets all try and make at least one change to our personal style in order to push progression. Today I introduce to you… Camel.

Camel was big news on ALL the runways this year within men AND women’s fashion. We have already featured it on the girls side, and it is set to become the colour of the season for them. Fashion minded individuals are already calling it the “new neutral” for Autumn/Winter – meaning that it is going to be the anchor within a lot of new styles and trends. I have really noticed a progression within men’s fashion this year and it seems to have got to the point whereby trends are transcending across both genders. For Autumn/Winter there are many trends which have filtered across both sexes, such as: Heritage (Queen’s Country), Military (as standard for A/W), Shearling Jackets, and now Camel. It seems like us males are no longer “behind the times” and instead we seem to be catching up our fairer species with the amount of options and styles available to us each season. Personally I couldn’t be happier as it gives me more and more to write about and tell you guys. Plus I know some of you will now be able to shop in the women’s section for key trend pieces as well! ;)

So what items are we seeing in camel this year? Well the piece that encapsulates this trend more than any other for me is the camel overcoat. These are a real investment item and true stand out piece for any wardrobe. Camel oozes sophistication, luxury and elegance, so there is no better way of using it that with a great wool coat during winter. You can use this coat over any outfit (or suit) and it will bring it up a notch instantly, whilst providing a real focal point to your whole look. You cannot fail to be noticed in a camel coat, and they always LOOK like they are expensive – even if in reality you have not spent more than a couple of hundred quid on one. You need to remember that these are an investment item, so if you do buy one you can easily have it last multiple winters if you take care of it. This is no longer a flash in the pan colour, I think it can be used every season and I with the recent progression in men’s fashion, this is a colour that will slowly start being integrated into all our wardrobe for all seasons in some form.

Of course you do not have to go for the traditional camel overcoat, because camel is everywhere this season. You can find blazers, denim, trenches, pea and duffel coats in this new colour way, so it can be easily integrated into your wardrobe and your personal style. It is also very much prominent with the recent rise in popularity of the chino and casual trousers that we have been rocking all the way through summer. This would be my second recommendation if you want to be on trend and still stand out individually. Bold camel trousers are a perfect way of injecting some life into a dull winter wardrobe, whilst still giving you a focal point to the outfit. They are more subtle that a camel overcoat, but allow you many more options with what to pair them with. These work perfectly in the town meets country trend I featured recently – you will even find outfit inspiration at the bottom of that article using camel chinos.

If you are not quite that confident in using such bold statement pieces, you can still get on trend by giving subtle nods to it. There are so many recent releases this year within knitwear, accessories and even footwear, so you should easily find a way to incorporate this colour into your look for Autumn/Winter. Also you do not have to use true camel in order to bring your outfits to life. Using camel tones such as beige, stone and cream, all have the same effect when paired with other true winter colours such as blacks, greys, indigo and even darker browns. Earth tones are definitely big for this season, and camel will fit in with trends such as Queen’s Country, Town meets Country and the like seamlessly.

On The Runways

So like I mentioned above, this colour has been all over the runways. Designers pushing it included Phillip Lim, Burberry, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dunhill and even Topman design, so this is a trend which should definitely pick up steam over the coming months once Winter really starts kicking in.

Camel Trend on the A/W 10 Men's Runways

New Season Camel

Right now the choice is slightly limited with regards to true winter overcoats, but you can be sure this will pick up in the coming months, especially once Winter truly arrives. There is a massive selection of this new neutral colour throughout men’s fashion so you can easily tailor it to your taste and personal style:

  • Stone Military Style Shirt
  • Stone Non Denim Carrot Jeans
  • TMD Camel Full Length Trench
  • Camel Wired Cotton Western
  • Camel Cropped Trench Coat
  • Natural Double Breasted Mac
  • Beige Lace Detail Suede Loafers
  • Natural Marl Cotton Rich V-Neck Jumper
  • Natural Navajo Button Funnel Neck Cardigan
  • APC Fawn Camel Blazer
  • Camel Lambswool Half Zip Knit
  • Dark Beige Cotton New Broadgate Tailored Mac
  • ASOS Cord Skinny Tie
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Cashmere Polo Player Scarf
  • Jack & Jones Vintage Joe Chinos
  • YMC Chinos
  • ASOS Slim Fit Jacket
  • Brady Marlborough Bag
  • Acne Pop Heavy Shawl Collar Cardigan
  • Carhartt Joe Corduroy Shirt
  • Gloverall Made In England Boiled Wool Mix Short Monty Duffel Coat
  • Fine knit sweater
  • Long Sleeved Cardigan
  • Three-Quarter Length Coat
  • Double breasted coat
  • Minotaur Desert Boot
  • Maison Martin Margiela 10 Funnel Neck Long Sleeved T-Shirt
  • Camel cotton chino trousers
  • Camel Classic Coat