YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU! Well, not so much your country, or your region in fact, not even so much the poorly dressed councilmen of your estate. The FashionBeans community is spilling over with readers (and the occasional stalker). For the latter, I have a compiled list of FashionBeans writers' addresses available for distribution. It would be wrong to assume every dandy, chap, and Bill visit the site to receive a level of a sartorial education; although the effects of the undelivered seminars on where the hell chivalry went certainly become apparent on a Saturday night. Any chance at gallantry is lost in a discourse over a donner and chips.

Many who call on this site are well-read in their 'farers, ginghams and brogues, they offer insight into trend-forecasting that so many can overlook. This is why we are recruiting the best of the best, the best of the beaners, to compile a guide of the top autumn essentials and shine the sartorial spotlight on you!

Submit your autumn essential with a brief description of why this should be in the every man's wardrobe, include your name, location and job title, attach a picture of yourself and watch the fan mail flood in! The best of the beaners bunch will be featured in an exclusive article seen by hundreds of thousands… you better get yourself an agent!

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Essential 1:
The leather overnight/weekender

Summer bags run along the same strides as espadrilles, female company and poodles: they don't brave well in the rain. This means your canvas and jersey sorts must go into [dry] hibernation for the out-of-season months. Your holdalls, barrels, despatches, flights, rucksacks & shoppers may well be the talk of the town. Nevertheless, showing up to your girlfriends/parents/in-laws/business trip or even a judgemental premier inn; harbouring your suave leather and an accompaniment of Sainsbury's carrier bags for the overflow, is by any means a detriment to post-Neander's.

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There are so many occasions when your suitcase is too large and the rucksack stashed in the back of the wardrobe is too small. With many of us going away for short trips here and there, a functional weekender bag is essential, so choose from our range of overnight and weekend bags and pack your things in style.”

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Troop Drive Mens Weekend Bag Birch Black Leather Mens Weekend Bag Brown Leather Mens Weekend Bag<img src="" width="172" alt="Diesel Marky Full Leather Men's Weekend Bag " />

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Essential 2:
Knits & Sweats

Pre-Mac/Barbour/leather/weather can leave your wardrobe in a state of confusion. This is why it is important to see Autumn as its own season and not merge together with the fashion seasons of A/W & S/S. The knit is one of those key transition pieces that suffice in the “if another leaf drops on my head I'm bringing that tree down” months. Remember to use layering to its fullest during these months – resist buying that coat too early and layer your knits using chunky and fair isles against tee's and polo's for mix in texture.

My Picks
  • Cream Cable Front Jumper
  • White C'est La Vie Jumper
  • J.Lindeberg Ivo Artist Merino Stripe Jumper
  • Connect Scoop
Essential 3:

Minus the geography teacher instigated turtleneck, your neck is one piece of body-wear not to go untended to as you stock your Autumn and Winter essentials. Last season saw Fair-Isled necks from ear to ear but not to go without mention; a few concerning cases of 'double fairing'. Doubling the trend doesn't double your style. A Fair Isle knit with a fair-isle scarf? – My Nan has Fair Isle inspired slippers, I'm not about to be stealing those to add to the ensemble!

A silk or jersey scarf is an amazing way of motivating your suit out of that nine to five ooze. When Mac season comes around just drape it round your neck. It's like suave in a can. Snoods and neckerchiefs are not too dissimilar but a piece your wardrobe should already be accustomed to. Save the chunky knits and wrap around scarves for the more Arctic months and for now concentrate on building looks on the lighter buys.

  • Red Checked Reversed Scarf
  • Ted Baker Geo and Floral Silk Scarf
  • Hackett Antique Floral Scarf
  • Midnight Crushed Velvet Silk Scarf

Now I have given you a few of my Autumn essential picks, it is over to you…