Brighton Fashion Week

People say that Brighton is like London by the sea, and in many ways it does live up to that reputation. But while these two South East cousins share a sense of diversity, culture and creativity, Brighton always seems to do everything with more of a smile on its collective face. However, as laid back and happy-go-lucky as Brighton is, it has always fallen slightly behind London in the serious style stakes – that was until a group of uber-creative Brightonites decided to so something about that.

Let me take you back to 2005 – Twitter doesn’t exist, the Labour party won an election and in the fashion terms London still very much has the upper hand as far as the UK was concerned. Not wanting to be outdone some of Brighton’s most creative souls set about showcasing the very best seaside style and Brighton Frocks Fashion Show was born. Fast forward to 2010 and Brighton Frocks has grown into Brighton Fashion Week, a week long extravaganza of the city’s eclectic fashion talent and some of the very best up and coming UK designers. I was lucky enough to be there at this years event, even doing a spot of modelling.

Here’s my behind the scenes review part 1…

The Couture Show

Part one of my Brighton Fashion Week round up reviews Friday’s Couture Show (one that I was lucky enough to be able to model in), and takes a look at some of the highlights and key trends from the high end menswear collections.

Andrew Bannister for studio_805

Progressive menswear and unisex design label studio_805 is driven by Andrew Bannister, who showcased three collections at the Couture Show. My favourite was Andrew’s graduate collection – 9t?, which was first launched at London Fashion Week back in February 2009 as part of Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s ‘Ones To Watch’. I love how this collection really showed off his signature style, fusing cunning cut and clever colour to convey a powerful silhouette, which was then backed up by stunning attention to detail on every piece.

Here are the highlights of Andrew Bannister’s Brighton Fashion Week show.

Show 1:

Andrew Bannister Runway Show

Backstage with Andrew Bannister:
[Can anyone spot our very own Duncan in these pics? – Ed]

Backstage at Andrew Bannister Runway Show

Nikolo Bertok

UNLIMITED is a brand new collection from 21-year-old fashion starlet Nikolo Bertok (one that’s set to be launched at LFW later the year) which showcases mainly womenswear garments but a couple of amazing menswear pieces. Nikolo isn’t afraid to take risks with new-fangled ideas and experiment with unusual fabrics, which is evident in my favourite piece – his cropped blue patent jacket.

The Nikolo Bertok Show at Brighton Fashion Week

It may not have the super skinny supermodel egos, the column inches or the a-list guests, but what Brighton Fashion Week lacks in celebrity it makes up for in passion, talent and creativity. Watch your back London – Brighton’s coming to get you.

That’s it for part 1, click the page 2 link below to read on…

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