Brighton Fashion Week Day 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my Brighton Fashion Week behind the scenes review. After the high end frolics of Friday’s Couture Show, Saturday saw some more contemporary styles take centre stage in the Ready To Wear show. A mixture of up-and-coming graduates (being introduced by Spindle magazine) alongside more established designers who showcased their latest collections while hundreds of lucky punters could browse the fashion market – a much more laid back affair than the glamorous events of the previous evening, but an incredible fashion party none the less.

Here are my picks from Saturday’s show (it’s kind of like Match Of The Day but a LOT more stylish).

The Ready To Wear Show
Brett Le Bratt

First off Brett didn’t even look old enough to have finished his a-levels, let alone put together a collection this strong – yet he announced himself to the fashion world with the confidence of someone twice his age, and what a nice guy with it. His clothes were really impressive in the flesh, and some of my favourite from the whole weekend. I love the way his whole collection had a really fun, almost Miami Vice feel to them (and that’s a compliment by the way!) yet they were also really strong individually. Most of all though, I really liked how current his collection felt – so bang on trend, so accessible but at the same time unique to him.

Brett Le Bratt Runway Show

Another 7th Day

Dark, serious and very, very black, I thought the Another 7th Day collection would be ‘nice, but seen it all before’. However it turned out to be great and a real pleasant surprise. There was some amazing detailing, particularly on the knitwear which made the pieces really stand out from a lot of similar styles making their way into our consciousness. Having tried on several items they were without doubt some of the most comfortable and best fitting of the weekend. A testament to the strength of this collection was that a number of models said (and I whole heartedly agreed) that they’d be happy to walk out onto the street in any of the outfits – a glowing review.

Another 7th Day Runway Show

And here are some images from the Another 7th Day look book which you can view by clicking the image below:

Another 7th Day Look Book

Kerry Knowles

The lovely Kerry Knowles brought her smart, elegant tailoring to the Ready Wear proceedings, but rather than standing out in the relatively casual line up, it turned out to be one of the day’s highlights. The ‘Permutation Autumn/Winter 2010′ collection featured a number of unisex garments backed with soft, luxurious fabrics and it worked really well. Again, the attention to detail on this collection was superb (theme of the day perhaps!?) while the interchangeable nature, simplicity and comfort of the collection really stood out. When I was speaking to Kerry about her collection she expressed a dislike for using the word ‘formal’ to describe her collection, but I think with ‘Permutation’ she has redefined ‘formal’ altogether.

Kerry Knowles Runway Show

And here are some images from the Kerry Knowles look book which you can view by clicking the image below:

Kerry Knowles Collection

So that’s it from me and Brighton Fashion Week for this year! There were some superb collections over the 4 days and if this display is anything to go by, Brighton Fashion Week will be going from strength to strength for many years to come.


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