Bristol Fashion Week Round-up
Bristol Fashion Week

OK, so Bristol Fashion Week. Not exactly cutting edge, however there was free champagne.

Joking aside fashion can be a scary and intimidating world, full of pursed lips and huge black sunglasses, so it was nice to see a family-orientated show, full of fun and bubbles (bloody champagne again).

As Brad Palmer and I took our FROW seats (front row) alongside the girls and guys from M&S, John Lewis and other press peoples, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. After a short while the lights dimmed, the music started and out popped our fabulously flamboyant Mark Heyes and Andrew Barton to run us through the new season’s high street trends.

To be honest a lot of what was shown, Fashionbeans has already featured (how fabulously fashion forward of us). It doesn’t seem like the major winter trends are changing much, maybe just being a tad smarter.

Military Trend

Military Trend at Bristol Fashion Week

Military is a huge trend on the high street and looks like it will continue through the summer. However, not that vintage-esque, scruffy military look of the winter, but a smarter, cleaner version. With boots being more polished and brogue like, worn with a suit or waxed, drain pipe jeans.

Military coats are adopting a flash of brightly coloured velvet. And buttons, lots of buttons, buttons everywhere. I actually have one of the coats that were shown, and as much as I love it, it has 26 buttons (nightmare). Jackets have also acquired tails for this season, which look very circus, Night at the Carnyville like. I’ve decided it’s very important that I have one.

Trends Round-up

Linen Suits at Bristol Fashion Week

The digital print Tee has been mentioned previously on Fashionbeans and it keeps popping up as a staple item season after season. No wardrobe would be complete without at least 3 to utilise in your casual and relaxed formal outfits. This season in particularly there’s a lot of Alexander McQueen inspired prints, the notorious Rorschach, butterfly, spilt ink effect that McQueen did so well.

Linen suits worn with plain Tees and lace neckerchiefs were also prominent throughout the show. It sounds disgusting I know but on the manlier man, and pulled off with confidence, it looks utterly wonderful if I do say so myself. A sort of preppy, garden party look.

Floral prints on shirts, Tee, ties and scarves looks set to take off as we mentioned on the site a few weeks back. I personally like a floral shirt under a plain suit, or on a pocket square, but in excess I think it looks like you’re wearing a very, very old sofa. Keep it subtle.

The nautical look is going to play a huge part in this season’s trends. In-fact the two main looks for SS10 and into AW10 are a very dark, repressed country look or a bright, breezy, Pleasantville vibe. With rolled up chinos and deck shoes; pinstripe short shorts; bold, blue and white stripes; and boat rope embellishments.


{So overall, nothing hugely ground-breaking but…} The good news is more and more high street shops have woken up to the beauty that is the drop crotch, so lucky for us there shouldn’t be a shortage of choice.

I have to give a shout out to Brad Palmer for the photography. you guys know what I’m like with a camera.

Below are some show inspired picks I’ve dug out for you.

Big Love,
Jacob Kamara

Fashion Show Inspired Picks

All Saints

Villain TeeFive Photos Skeleton TeeVesper Shorts

Brogue Zip BootWing Printed ShirtGunnesbury Floral


Hudson 'Angus' Brogue BootsSTONE PLEAT ROLLUP SHORTSNavy Cotton Smart Shorts

CREAM FLORAL SKULL CREW TSHIRTWhite striped scoop t-shirtBlack Cotton Military Peacoat



G-Star NY Raw Raynus TrousersFrench Connection Parker The Specials Linen SuitFrench Connection Parker The Specials Linen Suit

Hackett Antique Floral ScarfHumor Lago ShortsHenrik Vibskov Stone Broke Shorts

Henrik Vibskov Dyken ShortsPaul Smith Jeans Short Sleeve Floral ShirtH By Hudson Angus Brogue Boots