Fashion and Music

Fashion has always had an insatiable love affair with music, often intrinsically linked in our pop-culture driven world. Historically the links have been anti-establishment and persuaded by scandal; there to push the boundaries of taste and decency and challenge peoples views. Today however the music/fashion marriage has a much more accessible and commercial feel. Would 1970’s ‘SEX’ era Westwood have pop monstrosity Ke$ha sat front row? No? You’re right, it’s probably just as likely that a Jean-Paul Gaultier clad, breast-bearing Madonna would design a range of sun glasses for Dolce & Gabbana. Oh.

With so many collaborations around it can be hard to bypass the ones that are simply shameless and without merit (Fearne Cotton for Converse All Stars, anyone?), and hunt down the ones that are created from a substance that is somewhat more stylish and functional. Luckily ‘beans is here to help guide you through the shopping nightmare by highlighting one of the hottest new ranges out there.

So we go to Selfridges for the highly anticipated new collection from Knomo by Erick Morillo. Although it sounds exotic, Knomo (an amalgamation of ‘knowledge’ and mobility’ don’tcha know) is British through and through, with a London based design studio and collections often taking their names from areas of their much loved home town. You’d be forgiven for not having heard of them before, in comparison to their European and transatlantic counter parts, Knomo is just a little baby of a luggage brand, having been established in 2004 – but their profile is set to reach dizzy heights thanks to their new collaboration with Erick Morillo.

Don’t recognize the name? Erick’s a gent with a global DJ lifestyle, a musical opinion former and a regular guest spinner at super clubs. Still doesn’t ring a bell? Youtube Reel 2 Real’s “I Like To Move It”, it’ll put a smile on your face, it’ll remind you of that Chewitts advert and you’ll know that Erick is the man who produced it. Being a big fan of 90’s musical moments, Fashionbeans was keen to catch up with Mr Morillo and discuss the new collection and his fashion credentials:

“Travelling constantly, I needed something practical yet fashionable to see me around the world.”

Sounds like nice work if you can get it. So just what does Mr Morillo consider to be fashionable?

“I love fashion, but I am a real T-shirt and jeans kind of guy. Clubs get very hot so a rarely wear anything other than t shirts. I do love a nicely cut suit.”

So there you have it: Form, function and DJ style personified. But what about the collection.

Consisting of 4 styles, including a fantastically sized holdall, the range is minimal and has a great feel of modernity about it. It also seems that the range has harnessed the art of understatement in it’s design ethos, giving a bag that will compliment, not over power or distract from an outfit. Opt for the Matt Grey canvas for an undeniably chic aesthetic or if you’re a little more grimey than the rest, the bold PVC yellow should certainly float your boat. Accessable, commercial, non-threating. Sure the collaborations of today don’t have a riotous edge that those of yesteryear had, but there’s no denying this particular partnership has ended up producing some damn fine luggage. Taking inspiration from Erick’s personal style we show how to travel and party in minimal fashions and looks that will work with your new Knomo lust object.

Erick Morillo Inspired Pieces

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