Generally, people may think that fashion is cyclical being that its concepts and trends are nothing but successful recreations of something that has already been idealised. However, in my opinion it’s not always this way and fashion is just not about ephemeral trends appearing as seasonal repetitions. Since the beginning of the decade, fashion has been changing along the path with the society it walks. It is the belief that these changes are here to stay to leads me to write this transcending trend article.

The notion is one certainly easy to refuse. The unknown and consistently mutable future in fashion nods us to this cynicism. However, I believe this is born a new era for fashion. This time it is based on something consistent and already within the society.

This concept is not of my own but it is notably recent and is one that appears to have gained strength each year and every season. Fashion trends are becoming increasingly more transcending amongst both genders. This has consequences on colour, materials, prints, and shapes but mostly on the way we conceive fashion.

AW Trends

In an attempt to reference the past with the comparable beginning in the late 70’s: Bell-bottom pants, glitter shirts and ankle shoes slightly preceded the day that Jean-Paul Gaultier introduced male-skirts in mid-80’s. They’re nothing but isolated examples; both based on female concepts.

The Editor-in-Chief of FashionBeans – Ben Herbert – has covered the camel trend for both genders over the past few months. In both, the idea that camel is to become the key neutral colour pushed throughout AW10 is evident. It goes without saying that both ends of the gender spectrum can learn from education themselves around their gender counterpart.

Recently menswear fashion has been gaining pace. The whole industry is growing, stimulated by a changing society. Changes are evident in men’s priorities. Moreover, in these past years we’ve seen an exponential growth of men’s fashion blogs and websites following the leads of FashionBeans and the like. The man is no longer a pure classical, he is increasingly becoming a follower of trends and in an aspiring sense, a setter.

The pictures below illustrate men being given the same relevance as women in fashion.

A/W Fashion Campaigns - Men And Women Mixed

Driving this occurrence and so many winter trends is the Scandinavian culture with their open-minded thinking and sense of fashion. This is a subject that tends to grow quickly in more developed countries where this equality has a greater acceptance among population. Swedes are design and trend conscious and have high disposable incomes. This is coupled with the fact that Sweden has a strong and globally competitive fashion and design trade sector of its own. Brands such as ACNE, WESC, BRUNS BAZAAR, COS and HOPE are relatively recent brands but have been noticing great growing results are the leading examples of this change.

Acne Lookbooks for A/W 10 Men and Women

AW Transcending pieces:
  • Sweat Pants as Casual Pants and the inclusion of meggings – Spotted in the brand new collections of Zara, H&M, Rick Owens and Emporio Armani)
  • Skinny fits and streamlined silhouettes
  • Deep neck drops on tee’s and sweaters
  • Causal and mini blazers
  • Shearling Jackets & Duffle Coats for AW
  • Military boots
AW Transcending accessories:
  • Deerstalker & Peruvian hats
  • Woven belts
  • Animal jewellery
  • Trilby hats and beanies
  • Canvas bags/ rucksacks
  • Knitted/ cobwebbed snoods
AW Transcending colours/patterns:
  • Chunky and cable knits
  • Quilting
  • Neutral colour palettes (camel)
  • Transparencies & sheer
  • Fair isle design
  • Denim/sheerling
Product picks:

The below take nod from the above. Building a wardrobe that your girlfriend can dive into is not a called for approach. However, being fashion forward on all fronts never hurt anybody (especially the Swedish).

  • ASOS Cowl Neck T-Shirt
  • Common Decency Blue Tri-Blend U-Neck
  • Breton Crew
  • J.W. Anderson Faux Shearling Jacket
  • Junk De Luxe Hastings Faux Sheepskin Coat
  • Rick Owens Knife Blazer
  • Brown Contrast Trim Aviator
  • Gloverall Made In England Melton Wool Cropped Duffle Coat
  • Jil Sander Fine Leather Hermes High Boot
  • Acne Pilot Boot
  • Andre-3 Truffle Leather Boot
  • Squire Cardigan
  • ASOS BLACK Cable Knit Belted Cardigan
  • Maison Martin Margiela 11 Split Belt
  • Black Fingerless Gloves

It is great that the fields are beginning to level out. This evolution will provide a wider freedom of choice in fashion and allow everyone to set a more specific style, to be more idiosyncratic in his or her fashion choices. This is full frontal proof that men’ fashion is gaining more and more attention, it is now changing at the same rate as the trends, styles and coverage is for women. I believe most of you guys today have a richer wardrobe today and more inspired by the latest trends comparing with what your parents did. Nowadays a whole new market is focused on men, providing specific services for them from suits to accessories, from hairstyles to different types of shoes.

  • What do you think of this emerging occurrence?
  • What does it mean for you?
  • Is it as good or bad as it first appears?

Leave comments and discuss below!

Marcos Fonseca x