Options, Options, Options

This article is based on a few experiences that I have had over the past year and it may be something that my fellow males have been going through too. We all know the situation, for whatever reason something is occurring out of town. It may just be a case that you are looking to get out of town full stop but either way you have booked the Monday off work (and called in sick on the Friday) and are heading off for a nice long weekend away from it all. You know where you’re going, how you’re getting there and who’s coming with you, now all that’s left is to decide what to pack. And here is where the problems start.

Narrowing my wardrobe down for a holiday is bad enough but for a mere four days is a nightmare. I try to think of all the possible situations that could occur when I’m away and also what weather to expect but I feel that I may have come up with a few basics to stick to. The first one is only take items that you know are versatile and simple, this way you will be able to avoid any complex, messy combinations and be able to maximise bag space. And that’s where my second point comes in; take the right bag with you. Take one that has both hand straps and shoulder strap. Make sure that it is of a decent size so you can fit shoes in it, and if you do want to go for a stylish edge get one in brown.

These are just a few I like:

  • ASOS Leather Look Holdall
  • ASOS Leather Look Barrel Bag
  • Diesel Marky Leather Holdall
What To Wear?

Next comes what to wear for your travelling. Here I’ve put together an outfit that I think is practical, simple and versatile so that if you wanted to you could wear these items during the weekend as well.

  • Mid Blue Shirt
  • Oxford Blue Cotton Rich Jumper
  • ASOS White Slim Jeans

I’ve never bought into the idea that white jeans/chinos were just for the summer months because, regardless of the season, these are a great foundation to work with and will allow you to highlight the last of your tan before this weather goes back to rain all day, every day. Keep the upper body in the same family with a blue shirt and navy v-neck jumper combination. If you get too hot take the jumper off or if you feel like it trade the shirt for a polo, either is good. Finally, the brown loafers are great for travelling because they’re easy to slip off in a hurry (for those of you who may be flying to your weekend away) but can be taken out during the evening when you arrive too.

And if you need a travel jacket as well I would recommend a camel/beige blazer, maybe in pinwale or lightweight cotton like this one: Replay Brown Washed Cotton Jacket (£165 at Next)

Now all that remains is to decide on what to pack. Here’s a brief insight into what could be found in my bag if you mugged me and then emptied the contents.

  • Cream Cable Front Jumper
  • Peoples Market Gingham Turn Up Chinos
  • Navy Desert Boots
  • Navy Sideways Vee Cardigan
  • Lacoste Tourelle LP Trainers
  • Cotton T-shirt
  • HE by Mango Contrast Collar Check Shirt

The light grey chinos are a personal favourite mine because they really do go with everything else in the bag, are bang on trend and are a great change of pace to jeans. I’d say that they would be a great addition for those of you not yet sold on chinos as an easy way to break yourself in. I’ve also recently taken to wearing my charcoal suit trousers with casual pieces because they are stupidly comfortable and I like the juxtaposition of the outfit. I also think they look great with a pair of trainers but the secret as always for pulling it off is to keep the trainers as tailored and understated as possible, preferably in white and keep them clean.

Ways To Wear

Here are a few outfits to make out of these items:

  • Layer the grey crew neck under the v-neck navy jumper and pair with the suit trousers and trainers for an easy afternoon look around town.
  • Again wear the suit trousers but this time with the plaid shirt and brown loafers for a nice casual evening look. Maybe even take the blazer if it’s getting cold and (providing there was room) try some headgear on, I’m thinking a beanie, trilby or drivers cap in neutral colours.
  • Pair the grey tee with either the navy cardigan, chunky jumper or the jacket and then throw on the chinos with the desert boots for a rough and ready look for when you about to do some exploring.

But really guys, all the pieces are simple and versatile so should all go with each other and I have the uttermost confidence that you all know what you are doing by now when it comes to pairing basics together.

The only thing left to do now is to head out the door and start your weekend away!

Until next week guys,
Matt Allinson