Belt Up

As we draw to the end of another year we cannot forget what 2010 has brought us: a general election, a disastrous world cup and the most extreme winter we’ve experienced in years – what better reasons to turn to fashion ey?

But 2010 has not been all politics and snowflakes; it’s also been the year that we were teased by designers of how fashion conscious we can really be about our waist. Like me, I’m guessing you also split yourselves into two when thinking of what looks good together. What’s on our top half and what’s on our bottom half, habit of a lifetime right? Well it’s a habit we’re going to have to break because 2011 Spring/Summer trends are creeping up on us and it seems as though every designer is pushing us to focus on that one area that we don’t always think about, the area that blurs any line of separation.

On The Runways

We were only allowed to see through the cracks in designer’s windows at the beginning of the year. Collections such as Yves Saint Laurent’s 2010 Spring/Summer which showcased multiple looks that tucked and cinched in at the waist but were hidden with the layering of jackets – allowing us just a sneak preview of what was to come. On the other hand, John Galliano was much more ‘in your face’ with his ethnic inspired and eccentric collection that featured double and triple belts throughout, really drawing us into the waist area.

Yves Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2010:

Yves Saint Laurent  Spring/Summer 2010 Runway

John Galliano Spring/Summer 2010:

John Galliano Spring/Summer 2010 Runway

Loden Dager Spring/Summer 2011:

Loden Dager Spring/Summer 2011 Runway

FashionBeans were ringside as we witnessed designers predict the future in their S/S ensembles. As 2011 attempts to sneak up on us we are anticipating other designers jumping on the bandwagon.

We eye up a brand looking to push their presence more than ever at the calendar events of fashion. Topman, with their prominent Topman Design collection, proved that this trend is an affordable one we can really get our hands on (and will want too)!

Topman Spring/Summer 2011 London Fashion Week Show:

Throughout the video you can see an abundance of high-waist shorts and pilot pants twinned with contrasting t-shirts, polos, jumpers and even jackets tucked in and belted. Everything Topman design displayed pushed this trend towards being very versatile and accessible to the ever conscious.

Get The Trend

It may not seem like a trend for everyone, heck we’ll even label it daring, but allow us to bring down the misconception that being a fashionista is the essential in pulling this one off. Along with the forecast, we want to make this a trend that everyone can have a hand in, whether you take the chance is your own decision.

The simplicity of this trend is predictably overlooked. If you misguidedly over think this trend, you would have surely made it a cliché and added a dash of the blasé to your efforts. Take a subtle approach like our first lookbooker shown below [left] who ties his belt over the top of his t-shirt:

Men's Cinched Waist Look Book

Tailored shorts surrounded us for the SS10 season. Unless you’ve given them to goodwill (in which case, get them back) you’ll have no problem in taking on this look. Take your tailored shorts and pair them with a chunky belt avoiding the belt loops. Sounds simple enough no? Tuck in the tail end to achieve the trend in an effortless manner.

If you’re fonder of the skinny belts make sure it’s eye-catching. Get yourselves some high waist shorts and trousers this Christmas; there’s that little clause of being naughty or nice, but that’s your own path to negotiate.

Take a look at our product guide to put you not only the trend, but ahead of it:

  • Stone Leather Aztec Belt
  • AAA Black Leather Link Belt
  • Burgundy Suede Smart Belt
  • Renewal Leather Belt
  • Pointer X Anderson Belt
  • Pointer X Anderson Belt
  • Creep by Hiroshi Awai High-Waisted Chinos
  • Carolyn Massey Slim High Waisted Trouser
  • Creep by Hiroshi Awai Corduroy Cropped Trousers
  • Gio Goi Driller Carrot Drop Crotch Shorts
  • ASOS Plain Shorts
  • Humor Cesar Jersey Shorts

It’s clear the belt – as an accessory – is much more significant as we leave 2010 behind. No longer just handy in holding up those which you garb.

Centring our outfits around our waists is essential to achieve the look approaching us this 2011 Spring/Summer season. Resolve your style with this trend, put it right up there with resolutions like going to the gym and quitting smoking (don’t worry, they’ll still be there next year).