Best Dressed Introduction

With 2009 done and dusted its time to look back through the year and give you Fashion Beans’ 5 Best Dressed Men of 2009. To find the Top 5 I have been asking the same question everywhere and to everyone, “Who do you think are the 5 best dressed men of 2009?” I have been planning this article for a while (since early December) and have had a huge response from facebook, twitter and with the street style guys and now that I’ve got everyone’s top 5 I can reveal the winners. Now I know everyone will not agree with the top 5 and will more than likely have a different top 5 depending on your own personal style and taste, but here are the most popular 5 I found from peoples answers.

Now as I said before these aren’t my top 5 these are the ones I found most popular from peoples answers, I look forward to reading you’re opinions and your own top 5.

No.2 – David Beckham

No best dressed list would be complete without David Beckham, he has a great sense of style and an ease of transforming himself from an elegant gentleman in a three piece suit and into a chunky cardigan and jeans without looking scruffy or unkempt. Just to prove how up to date he is with men’s fashion, just scroll through our articles from the past 12 months and see how many times he pops up as examples of current trends. He truly is an example of todays modern man who likes to look and feel good across diverse styles and contrasting trends.

So to dress the Beckham way you need to always keep people guessing by staying on top of up and coming trends, mixing things up, sticking to your basics and have a willingness to wear anything out of context and not being afraid of breaking the style rules. As we all know David Beckham can look sharp when suited for the red carpet but the football superstar is also strongly known for his casual wear such as sunglasses, branded t-shirt, man bags, wide range of hats but by far the most recognisable item from his wardrobe is his distressed jeans. The fit of the jeans tends to be a slim fit or regular, they tend to look fitted but yet a little baggy at the same time and are faded and worn in the right places. For a similar style of jean try Diesel’s new range, especially their Safado, Gualbon and Zatiny jeans for this coming spring/summer.

David Beckham Looks

Editor Opinion

So what can be said about David Beckham that hasn’t been said over the last 10+ years?

David Beckham is a true style icon. He has the ability to dress for any occasion with flair and will always be one of the best dressed in the room. He has an innate sense of style that has been developed and cultivated over the years by pushing boundaries and experimenting. In his early days he may of made some truly awful fashion blunders (sarong anyone?!) but I love the fact he is willing to try out new ideas and really push himself to become better. This is one thing that we should all strive for – to become the best we can possibly be… whether it is at work, in your personal life or for the case of this article; fashion and style. The only way we will do this is by trying new looks, new colours or new items you would not normally consider. Yes sometimes you will make mistakes, but each time you try something new you are developing your personal style and becoming well rounded. Be brave and dare to try new things!

Now onto his looks. As you can see above he can pull off any look he wants; Casual, relaxed formal, worker wear, suits, double denim the list is endless and you could search through Google images and find 100’s of different looks which would look great in your arsenal (believe me I have done it!). He is a chameleon and is able to rock a multitude of looks with confidence, flair and style… this is when you know you have made it within fashion.

You may have already realised by now that I have a bit of a man crush on Beckham and so I am finding it hard to come up with superlatives in order to do him justice. Take a look through images of him sometime and see how many looks you think are great or would like to try out yourself. He is someone I look to for inspiration when creating new looks and even colour combinations. He deserves his place on any best dressed list, and no matter whether you love him or hate him you cannot argue that the man clearly LOVES fashion just as much as we all do here at Fashionbeans.

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