FashionBeans Best Dressed 2009 - Number 5 - Mark Ronson
Editor Feature Introduction

Lee has been working extremely hard on this set of articles which involved gathering the opinion of literally 1000’s of our readers and followers. He started out with a large list of top best dressed males of 2009 and then gathered the popular opinion from REAL men who LOVE fashion. This isn’t a what we say goes list like many publications, and would not be swayed by 1000’s of young teens all voting for Robert Pattinson (GQ’s Number 1? WTF! Pur-lease), so with this in mind we would love your comments and opinions on all the males featured this week. This was going to go on as one big article but I thought splitting each male down and giving you a “style steal” section would be amazing and add some suspense to what I think is a great feature. Plus it gives me chance to add my opinion on each male which (you should all know by now) I LOVE to do.

So once again thank you Lee for all the hours put in creating this series and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Best Dressed Introduction

With 2009 done and dusted its time to look back through the year and give you Fashion Beans’ 5 Best Dressed Men of 2009. To find the Top 5 I have been asking the same question everywhere and to everyone, “Who do you think are the 5 best dressed men of 2009?” I have been planning this article for a while (since early December) and have had a huge response from facebook, twitter and with the street style guys and now that I’ve got everyone’s top 5 I can reveal the winners. Now I know everyone will not agree with the top 5 and will more than likely have a different top 5 depending on your own personal style and taste, but here are the most popular 5 I found from peoples answers.

Now as I said before these aren’t my top 5 these are the ones I found most popular from peoples answers, I look forward to reading you’re opinions and your own top 5.

Number 5 – Mark Ronson

When you work and socialise with so many different celebrities from such varied backgrounds it could cause for concern. Not for Mark Ronson though, being surrounded by a mix of culture and craziness has resulted in a distinctive style that demands attention. With his sister (Charlotte Ronson) an up and coming New York fashion designer, you’d expect someone like Mark Ronson to have fashion running through his veins but it wasn’t until his late 20’s when he began to give quality and fit a second thought, showing that its never too late to change old habits.

Ronson’s style is quite distinct with his super slim cut suits, brogues, cardigans and vintage skinny ties teamed with a tie bar, which has become one of his signature accessories. Just adding any of the following items to your wardrobe will add a touch of British sophistication and bring you a step closer to the Ronson look.

Simply put, his obsession with mid 60’s sleek tailoring is brought bang up to date to be cool and current.

Mark Ronson Fashion and Style

Editor Opinion

I agree with everything Lee has stated above. Mark Ronson seemed to come out of nowhere a few years back and now he is regularly regarded by the industry and the average male as a style icon. His obsession with tailoring and clean cuts is what keeps the man looking sharp and stylish throughout every season, as it is timeless and can be adapted for any environment. For any male looking to improve their personal style or fashion this is the place to start… fit can make or break a man.

Ronson is what I would call the modern gentleman. He has very eccentric tastes, as proven by the example outfits above. He will often mix in bold, metallic and patterned colours for blazers, suits and the like, but always rocks it with confidence and flair. For the younger generation this is an ideal way to mix in tailoring with your look. By staying away from the monochromes it means you stay away from the true formal or even business like appearance, which can come across as incongruent and “stuffy” for an early teen to mid-20 something year old.

Skinny fitting is also key for Ronson who uses this within all his clothes to give him that fitted look which very much has roots in the rock and roll industry, but also brings his classic tailored items bang up to date and more fashion forward. Do not be afraid to mix skinny or slim dark denim with tailoring, this is a great way to still maintain those clean, sharp lines but to add a more relaxed feel to your outfits.

Overall I think we could all learn a little bit from Mark Ronson in how to rock the tailoring for any situation, how clothes fit, how to use colours and materials to stand out without being “over the top” and make sure we look our best at all times. A great start to this list in my opinion and a very INDIVIDUAL look which we should all aim to achieve. Do not be a carbon copy in a world full of them, develop and nurture your own personal style like Mr. Ronson.

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