Get SALE Savvy

PLEASE NOTE: This is only a short article and does become serious at some point. Somewhere around the middle. No a little further. Further. There we go…enjoy!

Now that the ceremonial kissing of random people & distant relatives (whose breath smells like that leftover Christmas turkey & boxing day egg rolls) is over for another year; we can get back to what matters…the beans of fashion!

In other words: welcome back you fruitful little fashion go’er you.

Over the upcoming months you will notice the fashionbeans site growing bigger, better and sexier and your new year's resolutions growing evidently more annoying and unlikely.

To avoid the tut of disappointment in failing your: I will get fit/ learn something new/ quit smoking/ get organised/ give up chocolate/ stop stalking the ex on Facebook resolution. I have compiled a series of the top three resolutions you should be sticking to this year.

1. Read the daily article
2. Share your thoughts and opinions by commenting on every article you read
3. Send the FB writers regular fan mail (on a monthly basis is fine, we’re not greedy)

Okay, onto the serious business.

A common misconception of ‘ye old festive sale time’ is that the majority of the decent clothes (or just the ones below size XXXL) are gone by the end of boxing day. Now I will admit I hardly found the crème of the crop this year as I waddled into the high street stores on December 30th; still bloated from the Christmas pud’ (I almost gave those XXXL’s a home!) But one thing I did notice was the great ranges available on the online stores.

I managed to pick up 6 items for under £100, and I didn’t even have to fight an old lady in the shop for them (I don’t care if you’re my Nan, when I say it’s mine…it’s mine!)

So in this short but evidently sweet article, despite being almost two weeks after the sales started, I’m going to share with you my top (and still available) online sales picks from my top 4 stores that will keep you on trend until the Christmas (booze) debt disappears.

Although a lot of people complain about the sales, labelling them: the volunteering of wearing last year nasties. In fact they are a great way of being able to experiment with your style and buy things you usually wouldn’t; without breaking the bank or wasting money.

The reason for this being such a short article is that I didn’t want to cover all the aspects of sale-savvyness. Undoubtedly the other FB writers will want to put their own spin on it and share their opinion with you, the readers, either by leaving a comment or writing their own article.

Now that I and the other writers are back out of Ben’s storage, you can look forward to some great articles in the coming weeks!

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