Jeans Therapy - Alternatives this Season

Will jeans forever dominate the male wardrobe; or are there alternatives with the same appeal?

Jeans are likely to be the staple of nearly every man’s wardrobe, and there are several reasons for this. Jeans combine style with comfort seamlessly, and this has to be the most winning combination of features in the fashion world. They are also flexible; able to be worn for almost any occasions. Tell any guy to dress smartly and it would not be a surprise if they went for their best pair of jeans, but they might well wear the same pair the next day when they head to the supermarket. No other piece seems to have these qualities.

Jean domination is a relatively new phenomenon, with jeans only reaching their prominence seen today from the mid 1980’s in Britain, having migrated from the states. Nowadays, jeans have become so prolific that it isn’t unreasonable to wonder what we wore before they were around. But there definitely were alternatives, and while we’ve spent the last 20 years doing everything and anything in denim bottoms, fashion designers have been re-assembling some of these forgotten gems into contemporary pieces for today.

These have taken shape in a number of familiar styles, all of which have been around for a while but have all been worked recently to give them that flexibility so familiar in jeans. So for Spring/Summer this year, why not try one of these alternatives.

The Alternatives

First of all there are chinos, an obvious alternative to jeans in terms of their suitability for smart/casual occasions. Chinos are known for being khaki coloured and usually quite loose fitting, but they are now available in a huge variety of bright colours and slimmer fits, and whilst these styles obviously lose their ‘smart’ label they are a great escape from any jean fatigue.

Then, definitely less widely developed by designers, are cords. These come in a variety of usually darker shades; navy, deep green; but lighter, brighter colours can also be found, such as white and red. Cords are casual, and normally loose fitting but you can find some slimmer fitting designs. If i’m honest I’m not a huge fan of cords and would only wear them if I had nothing else in my wardrobe, but this is to do with how they feel rather than how they look, they can certainly be included in any stylish wardrobe and worn casually.

Thirdly, let us not forget the good old trouser. Despite being nowhere as durable as jeans they do have a similar variation in style, at least in quantity; skinny trousers are available and you can of course get a variation in colour; whoever heard of pinstriped jeans! If treated with a bit of tlc trousers can last for a fair amount of time and they will tend to get people to take you a little bit more seriously than that smart pair of jeans or chinos.

You’ve then got all of those other stand out pieces that are really just for the brave – drop crop sweat pants, harem pants; which I saw a guy wearing in my local Tesco with a hoody (I don’t recommend them for that!) and some labels are also experimenting with jodhpurs.

There is nothing wrong with jeans at all, but sometimes they can get a bit tiresome, and hopefully this article will have given you a quick idea of some of the alternatives available, both mainstream and alternative. Below I’ve put some picks of what’s available out there.

Some New Season Jean Alternatives


Camel Cotton Skinny TrousersSTONE JOGGING TROUSERSBlue Cotton Skinny Chinos


Navy Cotton Carrot ChinosMJK STRAIGHT LEG CORD TROUSERSBlack Skinny Chinos

All Saints

 Lo Folk ChinoWaif Chino Waif Kick

 Milliner Trousers  Remedy Trousers  Sputnik Pants


Damir Doma Cotton TrousersDamir Doma 'Kyoho' Knittted TrousersHumor Santiago Pant

Maison Martin Margiela 5 Pocket PantsBassike Slim Tapered TrackpantNonnative Mountaineer Easy Pant

Nom De Guerre Officer Trousers1205 TrouserHumor Pant


YMC Classic Selvedge Twill ChinosHumor Santiago Chino TrousersUniforms For The Dedicated Carrot 5-Pocket Twill Trousers

Wood Wood E Land 93 B ChinosASOS Lightweight Carrot Fit TrouserTed Baker Slim Fit Linen Stripe Trousers

Velour Baggy ChinosASOS Overdyed Slim TrousersUniforms For The Dedicated High Waist Carrot Trousers

Tommy Hilfiger Mercer Slim Fit Japanese Twin ChinosASOS Check TrousersGap Cinch Back Straight Chinos