Menswear Day London Fashion Week

Whilst some magazine editors may have already been jetting off to Milan, for many a man, London Fashion Week was only just beginning as the wait for Menswear day was finally over. With a whole host of Menswear design talent on the schedule, from J.W Anderson to James Long and Carolyn Massey, the final day of London Fashion Week was sure to be an inspiring, if not slightly hectic, one.

After a spot of outfit deliberation (we like to save the best until last), it was time to kick the day off with the sartorial delights of Lou Dalton. A graduate of the Royal College of Art, Dalton states her inspiration for this season as “Romany gypsies, D.H Lawrence and Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights”.

Lou Dalton

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects about Lou Dalton is her ability to take quintessential tailoring and add an interesting, modern twist and this season was certainly no exception to the rule. Shirts, shorts and trousers all featured panelling at various points during the collection, with each panel consisting of a different shade or print. This sat nicely alongside another of the prominent decorative features of the collection, the peacock-style embroidery found on shirts, jackets and trousers.

Furthermore, there was also a distinctive utilitarian feel about the collection, most prominently conveyed through tailored shorts, shades of green, de-constructed jackets and worker boots. Generally a quite laid back collection, it was refreshing to see a designer so skilfully create such a perfect balance between formal elements and a more casual, relaxed aesthetic. Without a doubt, Lou Dalton was a very promising start to what continued to be an inspiring day.

Fashionbeans Top 6 Looks:

Fashionbeans Top 6 Looks From Lou Dalton at LFW

Topman Design

Not being one to hang around for long, I headed straight over to the beautiful Royal Opera House for the Topman Design show. Now, we love a bit of Topman here at Fashion Beans (have you guessed?) and so it was with eager anticipation that we waited to see their offering for next season.

A collection of bright colours, bold patterns and even bolder waistlines, Topman Design certainly didn’t fail to be one of the more interesting shows of the day. The utility feel from earlier in the morning was again present within the Topman collection, however this time it manifested itself in a more reserved manor, with the main influence coming from loosely cut, high waisted shorts (trust us, when we say high waisted, we mean it). Perhaps the most affluent feature of the collection was the usage of bold patterns and colours. Vibrant shades of red, green and purple were found spattered throughout the collection, particularly in the case of bright, cable knit sweaters, whilst patterns were featured heavily and found in the form of repeated animal and flower motifs.

Tailoring took a smart but relaxed stance with the majority of double and single breasted suits being teamed with bold floral print shirts and crumpled parka jackets.

In terms of accessories, the key piece of the collection was without a doubt the belt, found in both thick and skinny forms and often worn looped over and around high waisted shorts. Meanwhile, the notorious ‘bum bag’ seems to have evolved this season, attached to chunky leather belts and taking a somewhat larger shape. My favourite bags of the collection however, were the canvas holdalls embellished with a host of vintage pins, some of which were left on seats as a gift to guests.

Fashionbeans Top 6 Looks:

Topman Design LFW Top 6 Looks Picked By Fashionbeans

Christopher Shannon

After a hop, skip and a jump back to Somerset House, it was time for back-to-back shows Christopher Shannon and J.W Anderson. Signature sportswear influences at the ready, Christopher Shannon was the first to show, presenting a very urban collection of neutral and pastel colours.

Building on a foundation which is clearly cemented in sportswear, the collection featured layering as a prominent feature, with vests under mesh tops, shorts over scrunched up leggings, cut out panel tops and jackets layered over jackets all adding to the style. Texture didn’t go a miss either however, with mesh being a key fabric, often enhanced with cotton tassels.

The colour scheme of the collection was predominately of a neutral and pastel nature consisting of white, sand, dark grey and navy blue amongst pastel shades of purple, yellow and blue. However, there was also a strong use of blue cameo print, again adding to the urban feel of the collection.

Accessories came in the form of various classic Christopher Shannon backpacks in corresponding colours as well as a re-occurrence of fisherman’s hats. Footwear, meanwhile, consisted of predominantly Timberland style boots, in both brown and white, amongst the odd pair of what appeared to be a sneaker/deck shoe hybrid.

Fashionbeans Top 6 Looks:

Top 6 Looks By Christopher Shannon At LFW

J.W Anderson

Next up was the hotly anticipated J.W Anderson and, after seeing a sign warning of lasers, there was suspicion that we could be in for a very interesting show.

It goes without saying that we certainly weren’t disappointed in the clothing department. Featuring vibrant prints alongside subtler aspects, J.W Anderson once again achieved the perfect balance between bold and mellow. Eye catching prints were juxtaposed with neutral tailored trousers, studded dog collars with tie dyed tees and light, sheer cardigans with chain belts. Texture played a key part in the collection, with rough, raw cut jackets mixed amongst delicate sheer and doyley-style details. Old style tie dye and paisley prints also played a prominent role, adding a lighter and more airy element to the collection.

Accessories were, as you would aspect from Anderson, far from neglected. Heavily spiked dog collars were worn juxtaposed with light, beaded necklaces of multiple colours. Belts were made from metal and chain, my favourite of which was embellished with gold charms such as a horse and keys. Footwear came in the form of leather ankle boots, featuring tasselled, studded and jewelled detailing, which were often paired with light, frilled socks, again adding to the contrasting theme of the collection.

For the shows finale, models lined the catwalk as a spectacular night time sky was projected above them, what some would argue was the perfect ending to a superb show.

Fashionbeans Top 6 Looks:

JW Anderson Top 6 Looks At London Fashion Week

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