Men’s Spring/Summer Fashion Trend – All White

Now, before you all start envisaging your local park filled with delinquents in white tracksuit bottoms and vest tops, I must first of all stress that, this season white is no longer a colour to avoid like the plague. Erase from your mind all previous misconceptions about white being either cheap, tacky, or anything else of the sort. This Spring/Summer it’s time to get simple, snappy and stylish with the crispest colour around.

It has to be said that most guys reserve white for shirts and the odd T-shirt, sticking to one item at a time. However, with figures dressed head to toe in white storming down the catwalks at Versace, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli and Dolce and Gabbana, this season going all white really is worth the risk!

How to work it:

Wearing white can often be a bit daunting and some guys would cringe at the thought of wearing block blanc. However, by following a few simple rules the all white trend can prove a real asset to your Spring/Summer wardrobe.

  1. DON’T explore this trend half heartedly. The whole point of the all white trend is in the title, ALL white. Now, don’t get me wrong, a bit of black or silver here and there is always welcome, but avoid adding any obvious bright colour flashes into the mix as it detracts from the main look and you could risk looking like someone dropped a coloured sock in your white wash.
  2. DO experiment with detailing on one key piece.. This could be a pair of shoes with perforated (holed) detailing or a top with a scoop or draped neck. By experimenting with one key piece you keep the look interesting and avoid looking too bland.
  3. DON’T over complicate things. White is the simplest of colours, and so it compliments the simplest of styles. Pair white chinos with a white top and white jacket but don’t over complicate things by adding too many layers. As a guideline, I would say 3 or 4 pieces should more than suffice; any more and you’re toeing the line of ghostly.
  4. DON’T mix differing shades. When creating an all white look make sure you choose a shade and stick to it. The best type of white is the crisp, ‘washing powder advert’ white and so it’s best to avoid any diversions into the realms of beige, yellow or powder blue.
All White Looks

Here are some looks I’ve put together as examples of how you could really rock the all white trend:

Look 1

HE by Mango Rene SB2 Peak Lapel Blazer Maine L/s Shirt


Look 2

Lacoste Pique Polo ShirtDamir Doma Short Raglan Cotton Jacket

White Bamboo Razor Trim ShortsHUDSON WHITE BOAT SHOES

Look 3

ASOS Camera Print T-ShirtASOS Utility Roll Up Sleeve Shirt

Unconditional Side Zip Carrot JeansBill Amberg White Canvas Rucksack

So remember, stick to the guidelines, be creative and show that white is the new bright. But please, whatever you choose, avoid anything HEINZ. Ketchup stains are not, and will never be, in fashion.