Men's Accessories and DIY-ed Beauties

Accessories are a fantastic way to liven up a plain (boring) outfit. With summer coming and hopefully a bit of heat (however doubtful that seems), the ability to layer and add things like scarves etc to perk up an outfit goes out the window. This is where the accessory comes in to play.

I wear brooches a lot, mostly because they’re so easy – pin it on and off you go. The best part of using a brooch to accessorise your threads is that you can make them yourself. I have brooches made out of an array of little items, from fridge magnets to the innards of old watches, even computer chips. It’s so easy. You can buy brooch pins for literally pennies, add a touch of super glue and in a few minutes you have yourself a new, one-off brooch.

With the Grunge trend still staying strong for SS10, chains are another good way to accessorise. One day during Fashion week I wore a 3 piece suit. Sure it was nice and dapper, but still just a charcoal suit. What did I have to pimp this bad boy out? Lots of necklaces, a 1930’s type hair piece and a few leather bracelets. Hmm! After a bit of rearranging, I had a chain embellished body harness and a feathered pocket chain.


Rings are going to be a big trend throughout spring and summer. And I mean lots of rings. Mostly of the chunky, plain, silver variety. However this look can pass very quickly from cheap chic to plain old cheap. So tread carefully. If in doubt go bare fingered. You don’t want to look like that old dear, in the pub sipping her sherry, wearing every bit of gold she owns.


Formal and Pocket Watches

All you business men who are required to wear suits, day in day out, get yourself some pocket squares. A pocket square can make an old, blue pinstripe suit, look classy and classic. If you want to take it a step further, match your chosen square to your socks. It looks great.

Formal Accessories

Pocket watches are ridiculously cool. With the punky, country look coming in for AW10 the pocket watch is definitely an item I think is going to be making more of an appearance. I’m thinking T-shirt, waist coat, drop crotch shorts and a pocket watch for a summer get up. In fact, the pocket watch is my favourite accessory of all. Everyone should have one, even two. And if, like me, you hate things being round your wrist then the pocket watch is a complete winner.

DIY Accessories

I recently made a pair of epaulettes from shoulder pads that I covered in brass studs. As it happens epaulettes and embellished shoulders are going to be big for this summer and right through to Autumn/Winter. I’ve seen some really gorgeous military epaulettes in vintage shops and charity shops. They’re so easy to remove and add on to another tee or shirt and a great way to spunk up a plain work shirt or military style blazer:

My DIY Accessorising


Necklaces are an item that will undoubtedly change in styles through the seasons, but will probably never become non existent. From what I’ve seen in up and coming look books and shows, necklaces are going to be elaborate and oversized this season, with a lot of animal head pendants, bringing that essential country vibe.

Necklace Accessories and Earrings

Hats and Earrings

Hats are Fabulous, always have been, always will be. This season I think we will see a return to a more vintage hat (eradicating the beanie) with a mod twist. Maybe a studded trilby, or a bright, tartan flat cap.

I’ve noticed a wave of boys wearing one dangley earring, very pirate / lost boys -esque. I’m not talking big, Beyonce, diamond chandeliers, and by no means is this look for everyone. However if you are lucky enough to be able to pull it off, do it. I personally think it looks amazing. Ear stretchers are also a trend at present, bringing some Punk splendour to your ears. But don’t fret; you don’t have to have your earlobes sitting on your shoulders to obtain this look. You can buy fake stretchers from most piercing or tattoo shops. I generally wear a big wooden ‘fake’ stretcher, which slightly resembles a large twig. Although it doesn’t look as ugly as that sounds. Honest!


Vintage Dugena Military Chronograph Pocket WatchVintage Centre Seconds Chronograph Pocket WatchDiesel Perforated Chunky Branded Ring

Phillip Treacy Section Cap In Orange TartanPhilip Treacy Tie Dye BeretDrakes Of London Animals And Trees Print Pocket Square Scarf

ASOS Stag Gold NecklaceASOS Military Safety Pin BroochZoe & Morgan Sterling Silver Skull Engraving Ring



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