When size does matter

So you’re going through the transition process of replacing your summer wardrobe to a new, warmer winter wardrobe. Personally, my summer clothes are slim fitting, tan showing, thin fabrics which never seem to look as good with a weight gaining and ghostly skinned body – cold weather seems to make me eat more and forget about the existence of gyms?! However, it is not all bad news because I find that there is nothing better than the feeling of a chunky knitted jumper when it seems frost bite is near, or an oversized beanie, or an oversized pea coat, a heavy knit scarf… you get the idea! It is time to super size that wardrobe of yours!

We know here at Fashionbeans we have always strived to make you understand the importance of great fit, but like Matt Allison always says; “Sometimes breaking the rules, shows you understand them”. This is the anti-fit trend, and when you pull it off it can be a real style statement and ironic way to show the whole world you understand fashion, and are creating your own individual take on it. To pull off this trend, just think of the time your parents used to dress you in clothing a few sizes bigger so you could “grow into it.” See, Mum did always know best! This trend is probably one of my favourites this season, and it’s so easy to achieve.

The Oversize Trend Look Book

Below is some inspiration and excellent examples of over sizing within outfits from Lookbook.nu:

Men's Oversize Trend Outfits and Look Book

Layering is a big feature to winter looks, but oversized clothing kind of eliminates the need to layer more than you normally would. Although layering is still necessary, a chunky oversized jumper is going to keep you much warmer than say, a standard t-shirt and cardigan combination would. You want to go for the snug, relaxed and comfortable look. The one that is going to make passers-by who forgot to check the weather forecast jealous…

Implement this trend into your wardrobe

Firstly, go and buy yourself a chunky, oversized knitted jumper. Popular this season, various styles have been made available to you from all of the main retailers. If your buying online and the product description doesn’t state that it’s oversized, opt for a size above your normal (but the aim is to not grow into this one!). With the increased popularity of knitting techniques such as Cable Knits and Fair isle patterning, the opportunities are endless. So either raid your Grandad’s wardrobe (ask permission first), or check some of my product picks below:

  • Oatmeal Yoke Cable Jumper
  • Stone Chunky Roll Neck Jumper
  • Navy Fairisle Knitted Hoody
  • Trek Crew
  • Havoc Funnel
  • Flex Hooded Cardigan
  • Red and Black Buffalo Check Knit
  • ASOS Shadow Stripe Scoop Neck Jumper
  • D.S Dundee Valsgarth Shawl Collar Cardigan
  • maison martin margiela Lana wool cable knit
  • Oatmeal Norweigan Zip Cardigan Farah Vintage
  • J.W.Anderson Hand Knitted Cardigan

Fabric is something to play close attention to. Personally I’d only go for something made from 25% or above knitted wool. Why? Because once you’ve got that oversized jumper on, you wont want to take it off again! If you’ve got money to spend, look for a jumper which has been hand knitted and made from 100% wool. If you do, your jumper will be your new best friend. The warmth and comfort your going to receive from 100% wool is unexplainable, and you’ll really notice the amazing detailing from the hand knit. If your on a budget, a wool and acrylic combination is defiantly worth trying out. Remember to only go for something with 25% or above of knitted wool to provide that warmth, but the acrylic mix will reduce the price drastically.

Oversizing Picks

Now you can pretty much oversize anything you can think of, but obviously only oversize what’s going to keep you warm! (A bit like McDonald’s Supersize scheme, you’d supersize a Big Mac meal, but you wouldn’t supersize a fruit bag right?) I’ve only highlighted oversized knitwear as I believe this is the easiest way to dive straight into this trend, but don’t hold back! Below are some product picks for different areas you can oversize with ease…


Oversized Coats/Jackets – I wont single out one style, just focus on something long in length.

  • TMD Khaki Oversized Parka
  • Sparks Stockholm Coat
  • Chronicles Of Never Hooded Jacket

Trousers/Jeans – Stay away from anything skinny and go for something which is relaxed fitting. Drop Crotch Jeans or if your brave enough Harem Trousers would be my recommendation. As with the fit of any jeans or trousers, don’t oversize your normal waist size because you will look like a clown. There are plenty of fits out there that are designed to be loose fitting and oversized, but will still stay up without the use of a belt.

  • Blue Cuffed Arc Leg Jeans
  • Crafted Drop Crotch Jeans
  • RODGER-NY Kangaroo Pocket Pants
Other Items

So there are other ways to get involved on the over size trend. With tees look for slouchy scoop necks as they give the impression of being loosely fitted. Also look for those brands or cuts which have extra length (even if they fit your torso like normal), as again they give the illusion of a more relaxed fit. With shirts you can feel free to go up a size if you want to get that relaxed look, but when you do I would recommend going for a thicker material and cut because then you can layer underneath it and use it as a make shift piece of outerwear. Feel free to stack tees and thin knits underneath, as this anti-fit (and anti-fashion almost) look will provide some real originality and individuality to your look.

Accessories are a really easy way to hit the trend as you can find oversized chunky scarves and beanies everywhere these days. Tie a scarf loosely around your neck and let the length drape across your outfit nonchalantly, whilst when wearing a beanie make sure you let the extra length hang off the back of your head, don’t be tempted to pull it further over your eyes please!

  • Black Zip Hooded T-Shirt
  • ASOS BLACK Oversized Crew Sweater
  • bassike Organic Cotton Slim T-Shirt
  • A Child Of The Jago Mountain Tweed Check Oversized Shirt
  • Omar Kashoura Gusseted Pull Shirt
  • Carhartt Adams 6oz Flannel Shirt
  • Khaki Acid Wash Cable Beanie
  • ASOS Oversized Slouch Beanie
  • Grey Chunky Knit Beanie Hat
  • HUGO Hugo Boss Chunky Oversized Scarf
  • Ted Baker Chunky Ribbed Cable Scarf

So oversize your wardrobe this season, and beat off the cold weather with this trend. As you can see it’s really easy to achieve, just remember to go for relaxed fitted clothing and re-live your youth of wearing clothing to grow into!

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