Tweed’s Place Within Major Autumn/Winter Trends

Recent articles on FashionBeans such as Jacob Kamara’s ‘Queen’s Country’, Matt Allinson’s ‘Top Ten Tips for Autumn/Winter’ and my own ‘Urban Bohemia Trend’ piece have all supported the need for tweed – and often the feedback from readers has been a positive feeling for tweed pieces – but there is a sense of being unsure with what to pair tweed garments. I don’t think that there are any hard and fast rules, but in researching this article, I have seen tweed blazers successfully paired with both jeans and chinos – adding a contemporary twist to a classically traditional British staple item. I think the key mantra to carrying off this look is “less is more”, so don’t overdo it. Select one tweed item (preferably an unstructured blazer) in a hue which is complimentary to your skin tone (I’m personally a big fan of the current popularity for grey tweed) and make this piece a key feature of your outfit. Although the recent trend for double denim was an acquired taste – if done well, it created a successfully stylish look – but I think dressing top-to-toe in tweed would be overkill. Sampling looks and inspiration from the past is definitely a good thing, but dressing like an extra in a Dickensian novel adaptation might be a stretch too far.

It’s obvious that tweed is making a huge comeback and it is a fabric which adds a sense of refinement and sophistication to any look – instantly smartening up an outfit with an eccentrically British, authentically rustic twist. The need for tweed has been helped by it’s reflection in the media recently with characters such as Matt Smith’s hugely popular and effortlessly stylish Dr. Who and the reincarnation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes in a recent BBC series. The recent edition of Italian Vogue also includes a feature on dressing in tweed and bringing country-dressing to the city. It appears the penchant for tweed is becoming popular world-wide, and as a distinctly British concept, this is something us Brits should be proud of! So is the need for tweed something to be taken seriously this season? In the words of tweed’s biggest fan, Sherlock Holmes: ‘Elementary, my dear Beaners!’ Inspiration

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New Season Tweed

There is a great collection of new tweed products being stocked right now on ASOS. Take a look at some of the latest releases below:

  • Denham Malloy Wool Tweed Shirt
  • ASOS Tweed Baseball Jacket With Leather Look Sleeves
  • ASOS Slim Fit Tweed Military Grey Blazer
  • Barbour Soft Tweed Country Jacket
  • Selected Tweed Jacket With Tartan Lining
  • ASOS Tweed Check Waistcoat
  • ASOS Tweed Waistcoat
  • ASOS Tweed Crombie Coat
  • ASOS Slim Fit Tweed Check Brown Blazer
The High Street

The high street is right behind this trend as well, with everyone from Topman to John Lewis stocking tweed garments:

  • Brown Check Wool Mix Overcoat
  • Grey Herringbone Wool Jacket
  • Universal Works Harris Tweed Work Jacket
  • Gant Check Tweed Blazer, Tweed
  • Barbour Check Tweed Jacket, Brown
  • Hackett London Herringbone Tweed Jacket, Dark grey

Of course no trend would be complete without backing from all of the major design powerhouses. So here are some latest releases from premium designer collections:

  • Charcoal Herringbone Tweed Blazer
  • Charcoal Herringbone Tweed Straight Trousers
  • Country Green Window Check Tweed Blazer
  • Fred Perry x Harris Tweed Harrington
  • Nigel Cabourn Cameraman Jacket
  • Nigel Cabourn Mallory Jacket
  • Fred Perry x Harris Tweed Weekend Bag
  • Oliver Spencer Travel Jacket
  • Universal Works Pendle Work Jacket
  • Mountain White Tweed Shirt
  • MJ314 Black Jacket
  • Stelify Charcoal Blazer
  • 10009 Tweed Jacket
  • Harris Tweed Oatmeal Jacket
  • Charcoal River Blazer Jacket

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