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Editor Introduction

One of the most popular questions I get sent each and every week via email revolves around men and their body shape. Normally they are from males who are concerned about their weight and are looking for ways to dress in order to conceal a bulge here and there. I can understand and empathise with them because over the last decade or so we seem to have become a nation who put an unhealthy amount of emphasis on looks. Whether it be the latest glossy magazine slating someone for being “too fat” or “too thin”, it seems that everyone these days has an opinion on what you should look like, and in a lot of cases it can lead to increased stress, personal embarrassment or in extreme cases, eating disorders.

The modern male has many stresses within their life without the added worry of whether they look fat in a particular outfit. It is hard for a family man to balance long hours at the office, with a healthy family life and then find time to exercise and stay as thin as they were in their teens or twenties. Especially as for most men, your metabolism slows with each year you get older.

With all this in mind I was recently contacted by a company who think they can help men in this situation and allow them to feel more confident again. specialise in compression t-shirts and vests (think Nike Pro but more advanced) which are specifically designed to help deal with gynecomastia, which is more typically known as the dreaded “man boobs” to you and me. They have put a lot of research into dealing with this problem that many males have, and the idea behind these garments is to “give firm and powerful support for a flat chest and restored confidence”.


Here are what the experts at Firm51 have to say about their garments:

Firm51 is a UK based company specialising in extreme compression T-shirts and vests especially designed for gynecomastia (man boobs), helping more than 3.5 million men in the UK alone getting a flat and smooth chest for restored confidence. The trendy looking garments look and feel like regular t-shirts and vests, but the powerful compression layers hidden on the inside shapes and enhances the body whilst giving you a completely flat and smooth chest for a natural look.

The V-neck Compression T-shirts and Compression Vests have strong compression layers on the inside and an outer layer in cotton to make them look like regular cotton T-shirts and vests. With completely invisible compression layers on the inside they can be worn on their own or as an undershirt. Long torso with a perfect fit for a flat chest and smooth body.

The Crew-neck Compression T-shirts are made from Microfibre Soft Touch with extremely powerful compression layers concealed on the inside. The Moisture Wicking Technology keep you cool and dry, while SPF 50 gives extra protection. Can be worn on it’s own or as an undershirt. The most powerful compression T-shirt on the market for a firm chest and slim waist.

The Double Layered Vest has a double reinforced powernet panel throughout the front for maximum chest and stomach compression. Made from powerful 70% nylon and 30% spandex. Invisible under clothes and perfect to wear as an undershirt under regular shirts, T-shirts, sport shirts and jumpers.

All compression T-shirts and vests are available in sizes S – 3XL and in black or white. Made from the highest quality specialist fabric in the US.

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How Does it Work?

How the Compression Works

BBC3 Documentary – My Man Boobs and Me

I am actually lucky in that my lifestyle allows me to exercise regularly and stay in good shape, so I have not tried the product personally yet. However BBC3 actually made a whole documentary related to the problem and showed that these items really do work in flattening the chest and giving your body a more slim line appearance:

It’s estimated that around 3.5 million men in the UK alone suffers from a condition called “Gynecomastia”, which is an enlargement of the breast tissues in men. The condition was recently highlighted by BBC3 in a documentary called “My Man Boobs and Me…”, where several options to combat this uncomfortable and often embarrassing condition were shown.

One of the suggested options was “Gynecomastia Power Shirts”, sometimes also referred to as “Compression Shirts”. These powerful shirts works by comfortably flattening the chest by using special compression layers on the inside of the garment to give the person wearing it a flat and firm chest. It’s an easy, completely pain free and cheap alternative to surgery for restored confidence.

Product Range

All the examples below can be incorporated into your wardrobe easily. I would use them all AS an under garment which will help flatten your figure and give you a more stream lined shape. Then you can layer items over the top of them like normal and create all of your usual on trend outfits. Use the vests in the summer underneath tees or shirts and use the crew or v-neck tees in the winter as your base layer with knits and jackets layered over the top. I can also imagine these to be a lifesaver at work because they can easily be used underneath your tailored work shirts and will act not only as a sweat absorber, but give you a more confident attitude.

Compression Vests and T-Shirts

Black Compression Vest - Outer layer in cotton  White Compression Vest - Outer layer in cotton  Black V-neck Compression T-Shirt

 White V-neck Compression T-Shirt  Black C-neck Compression T-Shirt  White C-neck Compression T-shirt

Double Layered Vests
These have extra compression for the maximum stomach and chest flattening possible:

 White Double Layered Vest - 30% Spandex  Black Double Layered Vest - 30% Spandex

No Fuss Returns Policy

Of course a lot of you might be sceptical, and I was until I saw the documentary and all the amazing reviews real customers had sent in, but they also have a great returns policy:

We offer a 14 days no fuss returns policy. If the item does not fit or you simply don’t like it, just send it back and we will be happy to refund you the full amount. If the item does not fit, you can exchange it for a different size. Please note that we can only exchange items for a different size in the same style. We can exchange any items once free of charge.

Overall I think this is a great product which a lot of males will get great use out of. Confidence is the key to being a stylish male, because the better you feel about yourself and the clothes you are in, the better you will look in the eyes of others. So anything that actually helps you become a more confident man is worth the investment.