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Designer logos… Cheap and Desperate or Stylish and Chic?

Waking up still drunk to find stale beer all over your t-shirt isn’t sexy. It is however, a great way to ‘borrow’ a new tee if you have good mates. Marc Jacobs phone box/monster ’07 tee, (Fearne Cotton wore it once in Heat…) yes please!

Adding it to my wardrobe, it quickly becomes one of my favourite casual wears! Great design, perfect fit and high quality all in a t-shirt. Little did I know this would be the start of such controversy. With the Marc Jacobs logo stamped across my chest, some of my friends immediately call me a walking billboard. ‘Shouldn’t you be paid to wear that?’ etc etc. Then this person I meet on a night out brings it into conversation straight away, becoming what I perceived as almost sycophantic towards me because I’m obviously amazing if I’m wearing Marc Jacobs…


This leads to the question, are designer logos wearable or not?

Logos on more than one item of clothing in your outfit can look very Benidorm. Think fake Louis Vuitton print overdosing on cocaine. Not inspirational:

Louis Vuitton Print

Logos as a centre piece however can look pretty good! Keep it to one logo and keep it casual… Check out FashionBeans 4th best dressed, Kanye West, with his YSL tee in the main picture above.

The truth is, style shouldn’t be about what designer name you can show off. It’s about realising your body shape and the fits that suit you so you can wear clothes that compliment it. High quality and well designed garments obviously help in achieving this. Confidence ultimately results from wearing clothes that make you feel great.

A decent designer shouldn’t really need a logo to be recognisable. The colour choices, design and quality of production should create the designer’s independence.

Working in high fashion retail, I noticed there were three obvious types of customer:

  1. ‘I don’t want that, I mean sure I love Prada but how the hell is anyone else going to know that?!’
  2. ‘That piece is amazing, but it has a logo on it so I’ll look desperate!’
  3. ‘Tried on. Perfect fit. Looks great. Sold!’
  4. Customer #1 only cares about the logo. Showing it off promotes wealth, success and being fashionable! Apparently…

    Customer #2 hates customer 1. Having a no logo wardrobe makes you understatedly more fashionable! Apparently…

    Customer #3 doesn’t give a sh*t. Logo or No Logo, they like what they like. They like what fits. They like their style and they know it looks good.

    The design, quality of fabric and fit of these items as well as the big, juicy, throbbing logo it has on the front does it for me. It’s all about the package. Discover your own, but just so you get the idea…

    Logo Clothing Examples

    DSQUARED2 - Distressed logo sweat COMME DES GARÇONS - cotton print t shirt


    White Authentic Logo Tee White Reverse Print Logo Tee Navy Leopard Logo Hoody


    J LINDEBERG    Colby Type Ink White T-shirt VIVIENNE WESTWOOD - MAN    GC150-21820 Blue T-shirt J LINDEBERG   Rory Sthlm Bridge Graphic Grey Sweatshirt

    Editor Addition

    Logo clothing isn’t just limited to the premium designers either, a lot of the mid-budget commercial brands are throwing it out there as well. Take a look below for teen options in the G-star, Diesel, Hilfiger, Fred Perry, etc. price range:

    Hilfiger Denim Felix Logo T-Shirt Franklin & Marshall Basic Crest Logo T-Shirt Gio Goi Outline Rubberised Logo T-Shirt

    Superdry Vintage Entry Flock T-Shirt Diesel T-Oboe V Neck T-Shirt G-Star Eric T-Shirt

    Franklin & Marshall Basic Logo Zip-Through Sweater Fred Perry Circular Logo T-Shirt Pretty Green By Liam Gallagher Screen Print Logo T-Shirt

    In conclusion.

    Mix it up. 2010 is a new decade. It should be called the ‘less pretentious’ decade. Customers #1 and #2 are SO pretentious. They are the victims of fashion. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Logos can be fun. Following trends is bang on trend, but letting someone else influence your buying decisions too much is a little embarrassing. Be customer #3. If you like that SCREAMING designer logo on the tee that fits you perfectly, do it. If not, don’t. Just don’t be such a fashion victim by saying you hate it on someone else.

    Robert Michael G.

    *Wears full Kappa tracksuit.
    Twitter: @robertmichaelg