Men's Fashion Arm Candy

Most of us style conscious men already have a man bag, however there’s still a huge number of guys out there that are stuck in the (medieval) frame of mind that a bag is a purse, and a purse is for a women. Big FAT no no!

Me without a bag would be like Lady Godiva having a buzz cut: as edgy as she may look it would just be wrong.

I have a bag rack that fits 10 large bags, consequently this is not nearly enough. I have bags by the coat rack, under the bed, even on the dining table. I mean it’s really bad. I may have bills protruding from every orifice but I’ll still lust after the hottest tote hitting the shelves and before I’ve had a chance to say “OH MY DAYS” my qualms are boxed and shoved to the back of my mind, as I am stood at the counter, card in hand grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

I am not entirely sure how we managed for so long without a reliable bag, where did we put everything? Phone, wallet, diary, painkillers, sanitizing gel, a spare cardi for adverse weather conditions. For me and my trusty handled comrade the list goes on. I simply couldn’t fit all these essentials in the pockets of my skinnies (in fact I can just about squeeze my phone in them)!

With summer maybe not around the corner but on the horizon, this brings a whole new wave of products and essentials we’ll need no more than an arm’s length away, perhaps stowed in a quilted turquoise holdall (this seasons colour of choice).

The variety of men’s bags out there is incredible. I am pretty sure you can even pick one up from F & F at Tesco (but, um yeah)! There are so many styles to choose from; the big bold weekender, the canvas beach beauty, the everyday essential. Pretty much every designer has a range.

The one that really makes my heart flutter a little is the man clutch (see Ronaldo above) which is still yet to take a strong hold but I’m pretty sure it’ll have its day. I saw some high-flying business man donning a plain and boring pinstripe suit and instantly my eyes were drawn to his Louis Vuitton Man Clutch arm candy sitting snugly under his right bicep, which instantly made him and his outdated suit powerful and style savvy. Equally they look great with pretty much any outfit, whether you’re in your slacks running to the shop to pick up some milk or lunching with friends in your new school boy blazer and military boots.

I personally own two man clutches and I love them only slightly more than the rest of my man bags (but I don’t tell them that)!

If you don’t own a MAN bag it’s time to let your pride go and get one. And if like me you’ve worshipped the bag since you can remember, I am sure you have room for one more (there’s always space in the bathroom)!

Below are a few I absolutely adore for this season. Remember that the more you invest in a bag, the better it will look with age and the longer it will last. Do not be afraid to splash out, once you have one of these in your wardrobe, you will ask yourself how you ever managed without it!

Also check out your local Vintage shops there are sure to be an array of unwanted gorgeousness waiting to be swept off their dusty, unworthy shelves.

Man Bag Picks

High Cost/Premium Designerwear

H By Harris Q5 Weekend Bag Mismo Sleeve Maison Martin Margiela Travelling Bag

Mismo Work Bag H By Harris SH4 Weekend Bag H By Harris Q1 Skin 15 Inch Laptop bag

Tan Leather Messenger Black Seth Crossbody Bag Tangled Multistripe Weekender Bag

Leather gym bag Brown leather weekend bag Black leather tote

Paul & Joe Paris Leather Holdall Paul & Joe Thomas Guilted Leather Holdall Denham Bomber Travel Bag

Jas M.B. Waxed Canvas and Leather Medium Shopper Bag Chris & Tibor For Veronique Branquinho Leather Despatch Bag Chris & Tibor for Juun J Leather Reversible Holdall

Low/Mid Priced

ASOS Leather Look Weekend Bag Ted Baker Stitched Washed PU Holdall ASOS Croc-Look Holdall

Diesel Stronger Canvas And Leather Holdall COMME des GARÇONS SHIRT Holdall ASOS Canvas Holdall

Mango Weekend Bag ASOS Black Leather Look Holdall Rick Owens DRKSHDW for Eastpak Steamer Bag

 Dock Bag Mens Sleuth Bag Mens Digger Bag