Editor Note: This year expect a lot more grooming articles as they have been requested by a vast majority of our readers. Fashion doesn’t just mean the clothes you wear, personal style and becoming a well rounded male means that you need to look after every aspect of your life. This means looking and feeling your best. Your skin and body routine is something that you do not need to spend a lot on to improve radically. It is one thing which is completely dependant on how much effort you put into it. So let’s all try to look our very best this year huh. Thanks, Ben

The crowning piece of many a perfect outfit is clear and gleaming skin, and in my last article there were a few comments from guys concerned about blackheads and breakouts caused by oily skin. We’ve all agonised at some point over that breakout that appears right before that special date and no matter what we dress ourselves in, the breakout flashes back at us like a siren every time we look in the mirror.

Now to everyone else the breakout is probably not quite a noticeable as it is to you but still clothes are worn best with confidence and what better way is there to get that confidence than by having a gleaming complexion smiling back at you every time you look in the mirror.

Unfortunately many people seem to have a back-to-front knowledge of how to keep their skin clear. Often many of the things they think will make it better do in fact make it much worse and vice-versa.

The science bit

Blackheads and Whiteheads both forms of acne and we’ll refer to them collectively. Acne is primarily caused by pores being clogged up with dirt and sebum oil the skin produces). By keeping these pores clean the problem can usually be reduced, however you can be too clean.

Mistake: Cleansing too often

People with oily skin will often cleanse 3+ times a day, thinking the cleaner their skin is the less likely acne will develop.

The TRUTH is that if cleansed too often the skin will just produce more oil to replace that being washed away, increasing oil production, and therefore making the problem worse.

You only need to cleanse twice a day.

Try a Mud Mask

Once or twice a week add this extra step into your skin regime, after washing your face.

  1. Fill a bowl with boiling water and add a few drops of tee tree oil.
  2. Then steam your face for around 5 minute, this will help to open the pores and also to soften the material that is clogging them.
  3. After you have steamed apply a clay mud mask, this mask will draw out the material clogging up the pores.
  4. After leaving the mask on for the required time, wash it off and pat your skin dry.

After doing this use your toner and continue with your normal skin regime.

This may cause a few blemishes to appear initially as it draws the dirt out but keep at it and your skin should clear up nicely.

Pure Tea Tree Oil 30ml Purifying Clay Mask 100ml Deep Pore Cleansing Clay Mask 113gm

Use a lighter moisturiser

If you are using a heavy moisturiser that is quite oily then swap it for a lighter moisturiser with a higher water content. You can often find moisturisers specifically made for people with oily skin:

Aqua Sensitive Moisturiser 50ml Aquapower Moisturiser (normal/combination) 75ml

Swap your moisturiser for a hydrator

If you are already using a light moisturiser then consider swapping for a Hydrator.

Hydrators should contain no oil yet still moisturise and hydrate the skin:

Oil Control Daily Hydrator 50ml Oil Control Hydrator

Swap your moisturiser for Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil has been raved about in the fight against acne and what’s better is it also has excellent anti ageing properties.

Jojoba is easily absorbed into the skin as it is so similar to human skin oil and it is thought that it can ‘fool’ the skin into thinking it has produced enough oil, balancing the skin’s oil production.

Putting oil on breakout prone skin will feel odd at first. Jojoba oil will not clog the pores and will give you lasting moisturisation all day.

Experiment with how much you apply to your face, a few drops before you go to sleep may be sufficient, only you can decide what works for you.

A few drops of Jojoba oil can also be added to your current moisturiser to create an effective “super-moisturiser”.

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Jojoba Oil 100ml Holland & Barrett - Jojoba Oil

The above suggestions are preventions rather than a cure, so do not expect the acne to disappear overnight, try out the above suggestions for a few weeks to see the results.