Men's Grooming Debate: Celebrity Endorsements - Do They Matter?

In a world where we get Twitter updates every 10 seconds from some young lad from Canada who can sing a bit (I’m told his name is Bieber but I’m not down with the kids), it’s clear that we live in a society obsessed by celebrity. Popular culture has become a necessity – we need to know who’s doing what with who, and what they were saying/singing/wearing when they were doing it.

It’s no surprise then that “celebrity sells”, and no more so than in the fashion, beauty and grooming world – where the lifestyles of the rich and famous dictate trends faster than you can say “Lady Ga-Ga”. But rather than ramble like a man old before his time – I want to raise the issue of celebrity endorsements within grooming and gauge the opinion of you guys – the consumers – as to the importance of star studied association.

Let me start at the beginning. My reason for writing this article is that I read this week that Eric Cantona (of kung fu and football fame) was to become the new face of L’Oreal Men Expert and their new range of deodorants – and it got me thinking. I love Eric Cantona, I idolised him through my early teens, yet I am most definitely not going to buy a deodorant just because he’s being paid to look suave and say something typically philosophical while holding a can of antiperspirant.

Eric Cantona Ad

So why do brands bother? I can understand our fixation with Beckham, Tom Ford et al wearing the latest trends, as we all have our high profile fashion icons – but does this extend to grooming? Maybe if Gillette didn’t pay Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and Thierry Henry millions to appear in their advertising, then we wouldn’t have to pay over the odds for our razor blades.

But does the fact that we can roll off all of the brands and products associated with these campaigns mean they have worked? Would I have been so aware of the Gucci by Gucci fragrance if I hadn’t seen James Franco’s torso advertising it? The L’Oreal Men Expert deodorants will certainly stand out from the shelf the next time I’m shopping – so maybe this shameless promotion does work after all.

James Franco – Gucci by Gucci

After a week of contemplating and googling my favourite ad campaigns I’ve come to a conclusion. The fact of the matter is, whether we realise it or not when we see images of celebrities giving fragrances, skin care lines, watches – hell even lean mean meat cooking machines their seal of approval, it does seep into our subconscious. But the big question here is – are you more likely to buy a product that’s endorsed by a celebrity?

It’s over to you guys.

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