Men's High Fashion - The High-Top/Gladiator Hybrid
High-Top/Gladiator Footwear Hybrid

I’m a sucker for a new pair of treads. Rarely a week will pass by when the temptation to buy yet another pair of shiny, Italian leather necessities doesn’t engross me uncontrollably to the point where my head no longer has control over my wallet. Due to this bitter sweet predicament, I have decided recently to put a ban on my footwear fixation, limiting myself to one pair (if that) per month. And I thought quitting the fags was hard!

Unfortunately my shoe cravings aren’t easily subdued by excessive amounts of gum or chocolate (trust me, I’ve chewed until sore in the temples), so I’ve decided to write about the recent little delicacies that have sent my pulses racing instead: The High-Top Sandal.

Trend Setters

The first time I spotted these futuristic, hybrid gems was in the Juun J spring 2010 collection, designed by rising designer Kim Kiroic, who showed a peep-toe, high-top version of the trend. They are awesome if you ask me.

Kris van Assche also conjured up an open-toed gladiator-esque high-top, much like Kim Kiroic’s take on the trend, with maybe just slightly more gladiator to the high-top:

Juun J and Kris van Assche Footwear

This trend has also witnessed a collaboration between Raf Simons and Dr. Marten, together producing an outstanding, slightly strange but undoubtedly beautiful Dr. Marten boot sandal. The first time I saw them I actually felt myself make a strange, involuntary noise:

Dr. Martens and RAF Simons Collaboration Sandals

Raf Simons also endeavoured in creating his own hybrid sandals for his Spring Summer 10 collection, incorporating everything you want from a ‘this season’ shoe: plastic, futuristic, architectural and my God they’re pretty. The result, I’m afraid, is going to severely upset my bank balance; these are the shoes dreams are made of and quite easily my favourite from the entire trend *heart flutters*.

RAF Simons Sandal Collection S/S10

Givenchy took this trend by the horns and just ran with it, producing a series of hybrid footwear. From a high-top looking sandal to a more futuristic, metallic gladiator sandal (metallic gold, leather, gladiator sandals with gold studs and a wooden sole to be exact); to high rise gladiator sandals completely embellished in studs and even a formal shoe version. Oh god I want them all.

Givenchy Gladiator Sandals

I’m going to have to stop writing now as my cravings have become so strong it’s clouding my judgement and distorting my vision. I fear soon I will lose complete self control. For those of you that don’t need to reign in your spending or those who’ve never suffered from a sever case of shoe inclination… I envy you.

Big Love,
Jacob Kamara

Editor Additions

I better take over now as it seems Jacob may indeed pass out if he sees anymore footwear. I thought what might be quite a nice addition to the article is to show you a range of high fashion or premium designer sandals that are available online this season. It is sometimes hard to get hold of key high fashion trend pieces without visiting a specialist boutique or official designer store, so if you want any of the above featured footwear you are going to have to search for them. This does give them a nice limited edition/unique feel though once you purchase them.

However there are some amazing gladiator sandals on the market right now and they can all be bought online:


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