Men's Patent Footwear

Many fashion magazines, stylists and Fashionbeans itself preach the merits of mixing material and textures in your outfit. It gives your ensemble a sense of depth that you can mould and adapt in a multitude of ways. However, patent is one material that many men avoid in their wardrobes. Some men feel that patent is a scary material: too ostentatious for a casual day outfit and perhaps a few too many kinky connotations for an evening out. However, I feel a subtle and increasingly popular way to explore this material is with patent shoes. Patent shoes are an intelligent fashion investment because they can either be attention demanding statement makers or a subtle tease as you walk by.

For the past few years in particular the high street staple stores for men have clocked on to the kudos of patent shoes. If you want to make yourself a walking advert for how patent can be a magnet to the eyes then team your shoes with patent belts, bags and even jackets to make a brave fashion statement. Think more along the lines of a male, 2010 version of Grace Jones and less scary S&M dungeons.

Black patent shoes, which are the most popular on the high street, are the perfect way to inject some interest into a black suit. The patent will provide a flash of interest as you walk amongst the monotonous crowd of the other black suits on your way to work. The shine on a traditional black brogue can be a unique addition to your everyday work wardrobe and inject much needed vigour into an outfit you have to wear everyday.

Whilst patent shoes can be slick and understated they can also tap into a darker, edgier look. For example, Dr Martens are celebrating 50 years of the iconic shoe. It was only a few years ago that they introduced a patent sheen to their shoes and this was an instant modern classic and welcome addition to the Dr Martens family. Guys can style their patent boots with ripped jeans, braces and some attitude as a throwback to the punk era. I champion patent as a very versatile material that should grace the wardrobe of any man that wants to embrace a material that is, to a large extent, still underplayed by most men, and patent shoes are a fantastic way to grab attention in a subtle or conspicuous way.

Patent Footwear On The Runways

Patent footwear has long been featured in all the major designer catwalk previews. Whether it be patent shoes matched with formal items or the new patent boat shoes for spring:

Patent Footwear on the Runways

Patent Footwear – New Season

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