Men's Spring Fashion Trend - Relaxed Tailoring

Ok chaps, so were almost two full months into the New Year, and even though the recent weather has been a constant reminder that the warmer summer months are still a little way off, There’s no reason not to start building an idea of the type of pieces and styles you will be lining your wardrobe with.

The Milan spring/summer 10 shows (see images above and below) saw designers seem to be urging us to smarten up and embrace a much more sartorial and sophisticated approach to dressing, reflecting back to a 1950’s era where casual attire was considered a well tailored suit, without a tie. Then in the same breathe encouraging us to be daring and unafraid of mixing looks, whilst playing with a more optimistic and youthful palette.

For instance the ‘suit jacket and shorts’ look, was well represented right across the board, offering us a quirky alternative, to the classic tailored suite with trouser silhouette. This is a look I’m sure many will be donning this summer. What I love about this look is that it gives you options. Wearing the complete look allows you to be formal, but yet adapted to a warmer climate, but then by simply taking off the suit jacket it leaves me with a more casual unrestricted appearance.

Milan Spring/Summer 2010 Mens Fashion Trend - Preppy

As I mentioned briefly before, suiting and a theme of ‘jet-setting’ seemed to be obvious inspirations and an integral part in many collections. If you are’ going to do suiting/tailoring, firstly, erase the idea that they are only office/occasion attire, and have to be restricting in its movement, but in fact embrace that ideal that they should now be the staple and core to a mans wardrobe. Make use of soft, light weight fabrics and fuse them with a classic tailored silhouette or alternatively go for a more contemporary aesthetic by mixing styles and playing with trends. For an example outfit: tailored suit jacket, buttoned up shirt with a tapered stone wash jeans and ice white pair of low converse all stars.

Guys the age of the gentleman has definitely returned, but is now adapted to the 21st century man’s contemporary and fast paced lifestyle.

‘Invest time into developing your own sense of style and then build a wardrobe around it, rather than religiously buying anything that is overtly “fashion” new. Be true to yourself’ Gordon Richardson

Example Pieces


White Skinny Trim jacket Blue and White Striped Shirt Blue Cotton Skinny Chinos

White Sports Super Shorts Grey Razor Super Short Blue Double Breasted Jacket


KZO Knit Jacket Satyenkumar Printed Shirt Maison Martin Margiela Jacket

KZO Woven Shorts Alexander McQueen Washed Shorts Minotaur Desert Boot


Navy Cotton Yacht Crest Blazer Navy Logo Cotton Chino Shorts Light Grey Stripe Cotton Cropped Fitted Blazer

Beige Work Pocket Linen Shorts Burgandy Popolo Tasseled Loafer White Classic Fit Linen Shirt