Men's Spring Footwear Trend - The Desert Boot
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When looking at trends it is important to remember that not all trends are set on the catwalks by the big power fashion houses. There are occasions when trends are set by the people on the street, and images of celebrity endorsement are key. Lets be honest all of us at some point have taken inspiration from a certain look or tried to replicate an item that a certain celebrity has worn. So for this article we are moving away from the true catwalks and trying to identify a trend that is appearing on the street, and as a result a particular item has arisen to the eye which some people might not of thought likely.

The Original Desert Boot has been around us for the best part of six decades, yet never really held the acclaim it deserved. However this Original has been revived, replicated and reinterpreted so many times by so many different people over the years it has never fallen out of style. The distinguishing feature about the desert boot is its strange crepe sole, yet it is still considered an essential feature and part of the character of the boot. Both shock absorbing and water-repellent, it is a practical material to have on the bottom of a shoe.

The first ever Desert Boot was created by a young Nathan Clark, whilst serving in a Burmese military outpost with the West African Brigade. Since that moment the desert boot has developed and branched off to so many different areas. The Clarks shoe brand still has the item as one of its most popular shoes and a top seller.

So how to wear this item? Well because the Desert Boot typically comes in two different materials (leather and suede), you can wear them with pretty much everything. Although highly recommended NOT to wear them with a suit. Denim is generally the chosen fabric of choice to wear with the desert boot, so a pair of dark blue denim jeans worn with a black or brown suede Desert Boot would complement each other highly. The other look to think about particularly for this spring/summer is the revival of the relaxed chino and casual shoe. The desert boot are generally low to mid-cut and it means they would also look great with a pair of rolled chinos, like a modified deck shoe. Lacoste were one of the only fashion brands to actually promote the trend suring their runway previews so take inspiration at how they dressed up their models below.

Now for the doubters who feel that the desert boot isn’t worthy as a trend or are still unsure lets take a look at who has worn this particular shoe over the years. In their time they’ve been pictured by famous name photographers like David Bailey and the visionary Helmut Newton. They’ve been worn by Hollywood legends like Steve McQueen. They’ve even been championed by rap stars and revered by rock stars like Liam Gallagher, lead singer of the now broken up Oasis.

60 long years after it made its début, the Desert Boot lives on. Its simplicity, its versatility and its individuality have all helped to secure its place on the roll-call of iconic designs. It’s a cult classic. Every man’s ideal shoe and one that would look great in your wardrobe this Spring.

Desert Boots on the Runway

Men's Desert Boots on the Fashion Runway

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