Men's Watches Introduction
All In Good Time

Should anyone wish to further analyse the style of a man once you’ve taken a look at his footwear (see previous article), then the next step would be to take a glance at his watch. Like the shoes and clothes, it should allow you to draw some interesting conclusions about the person.

There has long been elegance and prestige associated with owning a fine watch. Originally, finely crafted, precision mechanical watches served a serious need in accurate timekeeping, which was essential when travelling and communicating across moderate to significant distances.

But now, technology has made it possible to have an accurate watch for comparatively small change.

What it really boils down to is this: any wristwatch over £300 is more jewellery rather just than a timepiece, but the desire to own a watch as fine functional jewellery with poetic and nostalgic origins remain.

An inexpensive quartz watch will look fine on your wrist and tell you the time accurately; there is no real functional value to paying more for a luxury watch. That said, choosing a watch that accomplishes the same function, yet uses older mechanical technology and bears the design hallmarks of a famous maker, are values that exist only to bring personal and intellectual satisfaction and enjoyment.

In other words, emotional value. And there is nothing wrong with that – if you can afford it.

However, like everything else, it comes down to personal choice and what it is you expect from a watch. Do you want a reliable timekeeper? A watch that is totally mechanical, needs no battery and can be repaired decades into the future? Or do you want sporty? Functional? Waterproof? Elegant? Oversized?

The choice out there is staggering.

So one should always keep in mind that any watch you choose to wear should fit in with your overall aesthetic.> A sporty watch will look out of place with a suit and likewise, slim elegance would look equally naff at the gym.

So what to do? A watch, as I’ve mentioned, is a piece of jewellery. So if you can, it pays to have a selection. I’m not suggesting for one minute the need to shell out thousands or even hundreds of pounds. But having a choice of even just two watches will ensure you’re always looking, well, timeless.

HIGH STREET £50 – £150

Cheapish and cheerful with designs inspired by some of the bigger brands.

Lacoste LAW3510G34 White dial black leather strap gents watch Casio MTD-1053D-1AVEF Mens Diving Watch Diesel DZ1262 Gents Black Acrylic Strap Black Dial Watch

Fossil CH2517 Gents Chronograph Black Dial Sport Watch Rotary GS02324-32 Gents Windsor Ultra Slim Watch Tokyo Flash TF0266 Mens Negative SVML - Multi Watch


You’ll pay a bit more and get some great looking timepieces but remember designers are not watchmakers. Paying anymore than £300 and your not getting much more inside for your money.

Boss Black Strap Watch Ed Hardy Steel Bracelet Watch With Graphic Dial Emporio Armani Silver Dial Bracelet Watch

17870735 Emporio Armani Gents Chronograph Watch 17850561 Hugo Boss Gents Chronograph Watch 17360101 Tissot PRC 200 Gents Watch with Blue Dial


The luxury market is diverse as any of the others, but one simple pointer is to stick to “Swiss Made” watches. These timepieces are investments, emotionally and have great resale value. Be careful buying vintage ones on eBay there are some great dealers out there but the conditions can vary.

17330364 Omega Seamaster Professional 300M Mens Watch 17350159 Longines Master Collection Mens Rose Gold Watch 17505014 Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Double Retrograde Watch

IWC Portuguese IW371431 image Rolex Oyster Precision 6694  image

Breitling Bentley GT A13363