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Well, I think I can safely confirm that this is going to be a very long and COLD winter! After spending the majority of my summer abroad the sudden arrival of minus degrees has been a bit of a shock to the system to say the least. A week or so ago I dared to step foot outside wearing a pair of Deck Shoes, without socks… BIG mistake! My feet were hit VERY HARD indeed. Yes, the days of carelessly strolling around in Plimsolls, Deck Shoes and Sandals are well and truly behind us (well for the time being at least). So what we now need is an alternative for casual footwear. Something that is warm, comfortable, practical (but trendy) and something that will go with the majority of our current wardrobe.

A Casual Boot is the perfect addition to any man’s wardrobe this season with a number of different styles out there at the moment to choose from. The style that is really dominating the market at the moment though is the Military Boot. This style was THE footwear choice at the end of 2009 and it is only going to grow in popularity in 2010. I think with a little help from Allsaints ever growing popularity on the high street (who have been making the boot for years) and with a lot of designers taking inspiration from the ‘Military Look’ over the past few Autumn/Winter seasons, this boot is becoming more and more popular. The Military boot has been issued to soldiers since the 1600’s for its protection, durability and practicality and not much has changed since… except now it is acceptable for them to be worn with skinny jeans!

I’ve seen articles in the past debating on whether the boot should be worn with the jeans tucked in or worn over the top? Personally don’t think there is a right answer. I have seen both looks work, but generally there is a time and a place for each look. Firstly I think that Military boots can work with the majority of fits/washes of jean/casual trouser, providing all the items tie in together to create a look and the colours aren’t clashing (obviously!). If you ARE tucking your jeans into your boots it needs to be casual all the way. A looser or a slim fit jean both look great (carrot fit in particular for this season), rips and distressed denims are also allowed as it adds to the rugged, military look. What you wear on top is up to you depending on your own personal style, but a loose fitting cardigan or tee, a Military style jacket/mac or a casual shirt would definitely be my recommendation over any sort of fitted formal wear. For a slightly smarter look I would suggest a classic slim or straight leg jean in a dark indigo wash or black, maybe adding a Rockabilly style turn up if you want to create a bit of interest. Having the trouser leg hanging over the boot tends to look more formal and a lot more together, but its all about experimenting with a new look and a new style of shoe!

Now, if you ARE looking for military style boots and lucky enough to have a good Vintage/Army Surplus store near you it is definitely worth taking a look. What could be more perfect than finding a pair of Army certified boots that have been genuinely worn in and will already have that Vintage look to them for a fraction of the price? Boots are one of those very rare, beautiful creations that look better and better with age and have become timeless piece. So if you really are looking for a quality pair of boots don’t shy away from spending that little bit extra, they will more than likely have a good few winters in them.

Here are some of my top picks available online…

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