My 10 New Year Fashion Resolutions
Fashion Resolutions We should All Stick To

So with the New Year upon us it’s that time when everybody has a good hard think and decides to make a load of promises they will never keep. You know the ones I’m talking about, drink less, work out more, eat healthier, snap that crack-pipe; all the classics. While most of us will never stick to half the things we are resolving to do, I thought it’s about time we started to straighten ourselves out as fashionable men. With 2010 promising nothing but to get bigger and better, we need to be prepared and if we don’t have the foundations down then we won’t have anything to build upon.

What follows are ten easy rules to stick to this year to remain stylish without having to think about it. Some of you may be doing them already, some only half, some none at all. Either way it’s a quick recap or a crash course in how to prepare ourselves for what the New Year has to offer. And trust me, it’s A LOT.

10 Resolutions
  1. Get yourself some matching wooden clothes hangers – you know those wire ones that have been serving you well since university? Throw them out, get your hands on some matching wooden ones and have a stylish wardrobe without putting any clothes in it.
  2. Honour Thy Tailor – because he will be your best friend for life. Trust me. All those shirts, suits and trousers that you’ve loved but they just were a bit too long in the arm or at the waist? That’s a 20 minute job for this unsung hero.
  3. Learn how to tie a bow tie – not only for those weddings and black tie events but because they’re making a big appearance these days in nearly every line out there. Now with slimmer lines and cuts with interesting colours and patterns (personally my favourite being a blue plaid I saw in H&M), think of them as taking your pocket square and your tie and combining them into one. See images below.
  4. Learn how to put a dimple in your tie – the details make the gentleman after all.
  5. Buy yourself a man’s bag– those old canvas or vinyl ones that you’ve been carrying around all these years? Ditch them; they can be real killers of a great suit or an important meeting. Stick to practicality and leather and you can’t go wrong.
  6. Start wearing trainers made for grown-ups – throw away those knackered Reeboks, k*Swiss and Nike hi-tops or save them for the gym. Start buying Adidas Sambas or Stan Smiths, Converse Jack Purcell’s or Lacoste Carnaby Retro’s.
  7. Start wearing brown shoes with everything! – Black shoes are like a mumbled and embarrassed conversation with a girl you fancy; brown shoes are a confident smiling chat with the girl of your dreams.
  8. Match your belt to your shoes – so now that you ARE going be wearing brown all the time, make sure that your belt is going to match it. Don’t get to caught up in the tone though, for belt to shoes ratio brown is brown just as black is black.
  9. Don’t forget your undershirt! – This one only applies to the hairy and the sweaty amongst us I’m afraid. Always wear a crew neck with your broadcloth shirts because v-necks and tank tops will be visible underneath. If you prefer wearing v-necks then consider wearing a thicker fabric, like an oxford cloth or wear shirts with checks or stripes to detract from the tee.
  10. And remember that some rules were made to be broken, but that’s another article for another day…

So guys… what are your New Years Resolutions in terms of fashion and becoming an overall better man with style? We would LOVE TO HEAR THEM because it may just inspire other people to do the same.