My Perfect Christmas Presents

So with the holidays fast approaching – and the prospect of a stranger entering your room and leaving you presents – little children and myself are getting excited the world over. Today I thought I’d share with the rest of you Beaners out there what I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed for this year. It may even give you some inspiration about what you can beg your Mum and Dad Santa for as well. This is pretty much the exact copy of the letter that I posted to Lapland a couple of weeks ago… so here we go.

An Overcoat

1. Now I’ve been thinking about this one for a long time Santa and I’ve decided that what I really need is a decent overcoat. It’s gotten really cold recently and my trench coat, pea coat and parka just aren’t cutting it. Now obviously there are loads of colours to chose from but I’ve decided that I’d want it to be in this seasons colour of choice; camel. But can you make sure that it fits properly please? It needs to be big enough in the shoulders that I can still wear my blazers underneath them but not too long in the leg. Only a few inches above the knee please.

  • Ben Sherman Grey Double Breasted Overcoat
  • Ben Sherman Black Plain Overcoat
  • Navy Melton Single Breasted Overcoat Hugo Boss Black
  • Chocolate Moleskin Overcoat Joseph
  • Charcoal Wool Twill Double Breasted Coat Marc by Marc Jacobs
  • ASOS Double Breasted Coat
  • ASOS Single Breasted Coat
  • Tim Soar Frock Double Breasted Coat
  • Ben Sherman 3 Button Grey Overcoat
A Denim Jacket

2. I also need to be looking ahead to the coming S/S so I think it’s time I invested in a new denim jacket. I wore the hell (sorry Santa) out of my last one during the Spring months but it was a bit on the casual side so I think I should have one for more formal occasions. But remember just like last Christmas, it needs to be a snug fit so maybe a size smaller than I usually go and this time I’d like it in black. That way I can wear it with my jeans if I want to and avoid the hazardous terrain of double blue denim!

  • BORN By Ted Baker Denim Jacket
  • Nudie Overdyed Denim Jacket
  • Easy Trucker Jacket
  • Slick BB Denim Zip Jacket
  • ASOS Cord Collar Denim Jacket
  • Pretty Green by Liam Gallagher Denim Jacket
  • Ted Baker Denim Jacket
  • Black Denim Distressed Western
  • G Star Organic 5620 Denim Jacket
Some Desert Boots

3. I also need a new pair of desert boots as my last pair have fallen apart. They’re great because they’re not quite a dress shoe and not quite trainers. They’re pretty much the definition of ‘smart casual’, and a man who pulls off red as well as you do should understand the benefits and versatility this would provide in my outfits.

  • Armstrong Bitter Chocolate Shoes
  • Camper Runner Chukka Boots
  • Ben Sherman Cleg Suede Desert Boots
  • Opening Ceremony M1 Leather Desert Boots
  • Loake Camden Desert Boots
  • Lodger Cardington Crepe Sole Desert Boots
  • YMC Brogue Desert Boots
  • Opening Ceremony M1 Leather Desert Boots
  • Opening Ceremony M1 Suede Desert Boots
A Stripy Tie

4. In my search for preppy perfection, I’d like to add my usual request for another striped tie Santa. I know I ask for one every year and I pretty much have enough to fill a separate wardrobe, but I just can’t get enough of them. Whether I’m wearing it with a blazer, v-neck jumper, cardigan or just with a simple white oxford and chinos combo, it adds a bit of preppy flair to the look in an instant.

  • Stripy Knitted Tie
  • The Hill-Side Selvage Chambray Tie
  • Academy Tie
  • Gant Rugger School Stripe Silk Tie
  • Fred Perry College Stripe Tie
  • ASOS Stripe Tie
  • ASOS Stripe Tie
  • ASOS Stripe Skinny Tie
  • ASOS Stripe Skinny Tie
Coloured Socks

5. And finally, just as a cheeky stocking filler, can I have some colourful socks Santa? Now I’m not fussed about whether they’re solid, checked, striped or whatever suits your fancy – I just want them in a colour other than grey, navy or black. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean I can’t have a bit of fun with my socks right?

  • Paul Smith Jeans Stripe Socks
  • BOSS Black Socks with Purple & Grey Stripes (1 Pair)
  • BOSS Brown Socks with Brown & Blue Stripes (1 Pair)
  • Red Lhasa Cashmere Mix Socks Falke
  • Falke Blue Family Casual Cotton Socks
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Two Pack Argyle Socks
  • BOSS Black Two Pack Stripe and Plain Socks
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Cotton Rib Socks
  • ASOS Three Pack Stripe Socks SAVE £2

So I guess all that’s really left to ask is… what’s on your Christmas list this year guys?

Matt Allinson