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So I hope like me your New Year holiday has been spectacular, although with a little bit of snow it’s been cold, and it’s still cold. I’m cold right now as the well-branded coffee hut I am sheltering in has poor heating. I’ve got to walk home at some point, but what does one wear in this casual weekend situation. The precious over coat might have got splashed by passing buses oblivious to my mighty presence. The Mac is amazing but a bit too thin. I need something I can chuck on, which that can translate to urban and country situations; I need a Barbour Jacket, the ambassador of country style. Barbour fit into the life style that many of us aspire to, the country persuasion; where you have log fires and cosy evenings in rural pubs called the duck or the queen’s penny. But if in actual fact like me you live in Clapham and adjust the standard central heating but still but need a bit of country sugar to make the medicine go down easier.

This country brand has recently been hijacked by city types, which I imagine the grown ups at Barbour are not opposed to, as they can get all get a new tractor now as a Christmas bonus. The concept has been stolen, but perhaps for a reason. They are created to wear when shooting, having larger pockets (which I imagine is for cartridges or pipes and not for keys and diaries) and with a waterproof quality they are ideal for outdoor adventures. So as usual here is a little brand information which you might find useful as a follower of Fashionbeans. As with many British brands they celebrate over 100 years of production. Barbour is a 4th generation family owned company who have developed a unique understanding of clothing that is truly fit for the country lifestyle. An authentic British brand providing a wardrobe of clothes for country pursuits. They ensure they represent “country living and for those who simply love the country, while still maintaining the core values of its heritage, durability, fitness for purpose and attention to detail”.

My favourite piece of the season is the authentic motorcycle jacket with fantastically eccentric Union Jack lining. There is corduroy lined funnel collar with an adjustable buckle fastening strap. A really beautiful jacket. If Barbour doesn’t quite do it for you, perhaps you should have a look that there trendier cousin Lavenham, with the same ideals but a more colourful style for urban living. In any case I think they are a sound investment, perfect for any city/country adventures you might undertake in the near future, or if your just like me, stylish enough for the wet walk home.

Until next week cherubs…

The Barbour Collection


Sand Twill International Jacket Green Waxed Flyweight Fishing Jacket Red Lightweight Liddesdale Quilted Jacket

Black Coated Linen International Jacket Olive Waxed Cotton Flatcap Chocolate Leather Weekend Bag

John Lewis

Barbour Beaufort Jacket, Navy Barbour Harrington Cotton Jacket, Navy Barbour Classic Tweed Jacket, Brown

Barbour Challenger Waterproof Jacket, Olive Barbour Carbon Finish Flyer Jacket, Brown Barbour Trooper Wax Jacket, Olive

Barbour Microfibre Quilted Jacket, Olive Barbour Polarquilt Jacket, Navy Barbour Liddesdale Jacket, Black

Christian Kimber

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