Yes that’s right, boots are back! For the past year now, I have noticed boots slowly creeping their way back into many ‘a man’s wardrobe. I begin to ask myself what is it we love about these blister creating, ankle-busting brutes? The origins are normally associated with old-school punks or were to be found on the shelves of VW (Westwood, not the car). All of that aside, paired with a decent pair of jeans just about anyone can rock a look to boot.

A decent pair of boots does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Many high-street retailers and online fashion stores are stocking up on these winter essentials. A small investment now will see you as far as future fashions have been predicted.

Right boot forward

Choosing the right pair of boots to go with your outfit is essential. One false move can result in code red on the fashion scale; red is not the pantone colour of this outfit scale! Here are my three most popular boot styles with a few ideas to help you on the way to picking that perfect pair:

Calf high boots

Calf high military boots are bang on trend this season. Find a pair complete with some creasing and scuff marks, which creates that perfect worn “I don’t really give a damn look” before your feet have even grazed their in-souls.

These boots look good with skinny/slim jeans tucked into or if you fancy being a bit more daring with your clothing, a pair of cream chinos tucked into the boot with some brown socks just peeping out of the top. This is a popular look I’ve been seeing a lot of this season (town meets country) but remember to vary the colour of your trousers and socks accordingly.

Ankle boots

Boots don’t have to be strictly limited to casual daywear. Ankle boots prove that fashion forward footwear can be used for both work and play. This particular style would work great to dress down a suit; so lose the tie, unbutton a few buttons on your shirt (or sub in a plain tee) and go straight from the office to the bar. For a daytime look you can team them up with a pair of black skinny jeans and a statement t-shirt to create a fierce look sure to turn heads, but for all the right reasons.

Brogued Boots

A transferable look can be achieved with these sorts, all it takes it imagination. Brogued boots look great with blue washed jeans tucked in to for a daytime look. If you want to impress your boss, wear them with some grey trousers and you’ll be sure to get a promotion in the style ranks. Brown brogues of any cut play to this season’s earthy colour scheme.

Boot Looks

Some Example Outfits Using Boots

How to style

The trick is to make your outfit look effortless. Wearing skinny jeans tucked into boots will create a clean, vertical sweep down the leg. Alternatively, if you prefer slightly looser fitting jeans, then do not leave a bundle of fabric gathered above the boot, a small amount is acceptable but don’t push it! This will create an unsightly clash enough to make anyone’s eyes bleed.

With the more ‘rustic’ style boots you can partner staple accessories around them such as gloves, hats and bags to create the key A/W nomad trend.

I am wise to the temptation after spending an hour getting ready to then find out you have no shoes to match that perfect outfit. You misguidedly just stick anything on your feet; this is a BAD CHOICE. Your footwear is one of the first things that people notice about your look.

Boot Picks
  • Black Leather Round Boots
  • ASOS Faux Fur Lined Leather Boat Boots
  • ASOS Leather Chukka Boots
  • Clarks Originals Exclusive to ASOS Harris Tweed 1950s Desert Boots
  • Bench Washed Black Murdoch Military Boots
  • Fly London Dark Brown Wall Boots
  • Swear Washed Black Jones 5 Leather Ankle Boots
  • Aspect Boot
  • Erosion Boot
  • Accost Boot
  • All Saints Mix Horizon Boots
  • Acne Pilot Boot
  • Rick Owens Leather Anfibio Boot
  • Christian Peau Lace Up Shoes
  • Fratelli Borgioli Handmade Brown Perforated Leather Lace-up Boots
  • Fratelli Borgioli Handmade Brown Leather Wingtip Lace-up Boot