New Spring Fashion Trend - Be The Man
Editor Introduction

Yvadney is one of women’s fashion writers who has a keen eye for all things to do with fashion. Her expertise actually comes in the form of analysing current trends, catwalk shows and collections for right on the money predictions about where fashion is heading. I LOVE this post and I hadn’t even thought about the recent move towards a more masculine look this year until she pointed it out right under my nose! Obviously with all the workerwear that was present at the end of last year, and even myself writing about denim shirts last week, I still failed to notice that two of the biggest commercial brands on the high street were really pushing this ethos through. As mentioned in the article below, French Connection have made a whole advertising campaign based on “The Man” and even All Saints have leant towards a new older model who is more rugged and manly than their usual pretty boy rockers. So embrace the trend/style this year and be a MAN.

From boys to Men

Here’s a trend that really pushes the limits of men’s style. Forget the dandy! Metrosexual – be gone! They’re both so circa 2009. The latest look to do the rounds is… The Man. That’s it, back to basics, straight forward and masculine clothes to make a man out of a boy. Born out of the practical workwear of the industrial revolution, the shirts are plain, trousers loose fitting, jackets boxy and shoes chunky and worn. Colour is equally restrained and urban; using greys, chalk, black and white, while sunbleached blues and tans compliment the look. Think of traditionally manly careers, like carpenters, miners and even prisoners(!) and mix it up with the austerity of Savile Row tailoring. David Beckham in his double denim and a bearded Brad Pitt now that he’s harassed by Angie and kids. A simple equation really, it’s a no nonsense style which is made to last.

Alexander McQueen’s SS10 collection is the perfect starting point. Faded denim jackets, paint splattered jeans and collarless shirts, while simple in concept, were executed to perfection. Where Dior Homme brought the manorexic look to the noughties, this season’s range, while still Gothic, was transformed for the tweenies with slouchy trousers and draped flannel outerwear. The tailoring was loose and tonal, at Costume National, founded on minimalism and classic fit. While even D&G beefed it up, presenting a rugged masculine look, albeit a combination of Auntie’s romantic novel hero and John Wayne. None the less, the denim was torn and distressed with scuffed work boots, even the models were butch and brooding.

So, on to the high street and once you fight your way through all the male leggings, pastel jeans and pop coloured t-shirts you’ll find Man clothes. These are wardrobe essentials every man should own; such as a decent chambray shirt, cashmere jumper, gibson shoes and a waterproof jacket with handy pockets. French Connection launched it’s Spring collection, with a new campaign featuring a full-bearded Gallic telling it as it is. He wears stylish clothes with practicality at the forefront of his mind. He doesn’t do colour, bar monochrome, grey and blue – he will not be swayed by sequins or floral print. That is to say, in the simplicity of simple jeans, shirts, jumpers and jackets, the Man look oozes rugged masculinity. Rugged, utilitarian and designed for the rough stuff, this look is hard wearing just like the wearer.

Man on the Catwalks

Man on the Catwalks

Man Advertising Campaigns

Man Advertising

The Man Rules

Man rules:

  • Less is more, so avoid slogans, layers or pattern
  • Go for head to toe denim, that;s a denim shirt tucked into jeans
  • Straight cut jeans are perfect for that authentic, classic fit
  • Keep your neck line round, that’s crew neck jumpers and collarless shirts
  • When you do wear a traditional shirt, button it to the top and tuck it in
  • Roll the hem of your trousers up just once
  • Shoes should be round toe
  • You’ll know your blazer is loose enough if you can twist it at least 45°
  • Don’t be sloppy and take work wear too literally. Everything should be crease-free and tucked in.
  • Work on a deep bellowing voice
  • Grow a beard and if that’s too much then stubble will do
Man Picks

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