Topman Key Trend: Urban Folk

OK so I’m not always a big fan of the Topman trends, and some may say that as a nation, boys are pretty much the definition of a Topman model nowadays, dressed head to toe in Topman attire. But the latest trend of theirs, shall I say, is a delight. Its called Urban Folk, and I love all the looks in the collection.

This trend is based on the heritage look, and is one that is set to really take off this Autumn/Winter. It is a versatile trend which uses key traditional pieces in order to create multiple layered looks. The whole collection really takes inspiration from the music scene of East London, as this trend is full of brushed flannel checks and vintage fairisle knits, worn with slim fit chinos, giving a modern but quirky feel to the trend.

The best part about the whole feel of the collection is that it utilises pieces you should already have in your wardrobe. Slim chinos and tailored shorts are items which you probably all invested in this Summer, whilst a lot of you will also have a variety of check shirts you can utilise in order to achieve this look. Last year we saw a big fairisle trend within knitwear, so if you have been storing these in your wardrobe then you will soon have reason to break them out again as they are the KEY pattern which creates this look. Footwear should include textures such as suede and leather, with the focus on heritage items like chunky boots and desert boots. Anyone got soft unstructured blazers or even a quilted jacket left over from last A/W? Then you can use these as well to get the look.

The key to this trend, is the focus on layering in order to create unique looks. Wearing lightweight knits with untucked shirts and loose belts, are the keys to establishing this look, according to Topman. There seems to be a real emphasis on “relaxed layering” with an attitude of “I just threw this on”, rather than meticulously tucking yourself in and buttoning up everything.

Here is the run down of the key looks in the trend, and the pieces you should buy to get the Urban Folk look…

The Looks

Urban Folk Trend - Looks 1 and 2

Look 1

Look one, as you can see from the picture above [left], mixes chino shorts with a checked shirt layered with a fine detailed knit jumper. The final layer is a toggle duffle that gives some extra warmth. Add a chunky bobble hat like the one in the picture and the look is complete. I love the mix between big chunky layers on top paired with shorts (ironic), and the layering as you can see gives it that uniqueness. Do not be afraid to mix patterns and colours to get the desired individuality.

Here are the key items;

  • Red Check Shirt
  • Black Navajo Jumper
  • Stone Cotton Arc Leg Short
Look 2

Look two [above right] really focuses on the layering aspect of the trend. Layering a light knit polo shirt under a unbuttoned hooded check shirt, combined with a loose belt, really captures the relaxed look that is desired. The advantage of layering is you can add or remove layers accordingly, whether it gets hot or cold. But at the same time it doesn’t become too bulky, because they are mixed light pieces – perfect for the Autumn season.

Here are some key items;

  • Berry Tartan Check Hoody Shirt
  • Charcoal Hooded Check Shirt
  • Grey Textured Polo T-Shirt
  • Brown Leather Jeans Belt
Looks 3, 4 and 5

Urban Folk Trend - Looks 3, 4 and 5

Look 3

Look three focuses on the fine detail jumpers. This season we should see much more fairisle and patterned knits from all designers, and they can all be used to create this heritage look that we are aiming for. Combined with quirky cuffed carrot jeans and suede boots, this rounds off the whole look nicely. Again using no socks in an A/W outfit is slightly quirky and ironic, and it is the little touches like this that really make the outfit. Little hints of colour in the jumpers provide subtle and effective additions.

Here are the key items;

  • Navy Laundered Check Shirt
  • Mid Blue Cuffed Carrot Jeans
Look 4

Look four utilises the popular graphic t-shirt, accompanying the denim shirt. Again if you have been following Fashionbeans or have an interest in fashion these are items which you should already have in your wardrobe. If not, Topman have a great range of graphic t-shirts, and different washes of denim shirt, so there are plenty to choose from. But the theme of layering is still present throughout. The addition of slim fit chinos rounds off the look. Personally, this is my favourite look as it encompasses smart chinos and casual t-shirt and (left open relaxed) shirt.

Here are the key items;

  • Bleach Wash Denim Shirt
  • Mustard Carrot Fit Chinos
  • Denim Button Down Collar Shirt
  • White Embrodiery Detail TShirt
  • Stone Cuffed Carrot Trousers
  • White Tokyo Girl Print T-Shirt
Look 5

This final look includes the addition of a cropped trench coat to give the final layer if the weather is poor. The mac is a timeless item that every male should own, and I am particularly fond of the beige and stone macs (think iconic Burberry trenches). The look also includes black high leather boots to complete the transition into the Winter season, giving water-proof protection to your feet. Add jeans, a checked shirt and a detailed jumper/sweatshirt, and the look is complete. Perfect when the weather is not as nice as we hope (most days then!), and you need some protection from the elements.

Here are the key items;

  • Stone Cropped Trench Coat
  • Grey Skinny Carrot Fit Jeans
  • Raw Denim Slim Jeans
  • Red Tartan 3/4 Sleeve Check
  • Grey Fairisle Jumper

So those are the five key looks for this new Topman trend, and the heritage look is definitely one that is set to take off this year. Use key pieces you already own within your wardrobe and layer them creatively in order to give you that individuality. Try not to forget the quirkiness and ironic touches you can add to your outfits; such as new cuffed jeans, fairisle or patterned “Christmas” jumpers, suede desert boots (which are normally not suitable for winter) as well as losing the socks and throwing your tailored shorts into the mix.