Nudie Jeans New Season
Excuse me Sir; your jeans don’t quite fit.

During my adventures around the London underground system I get a chance to see a lot of different styles. So what I noticed from this awful work commute, here is my hypothesis; Most of you wear shit jeans. But why, we wear jeans every day, they are the most essential piece we own, but I constantly see men with jeans too wide or too long, covering their shoes, frayed strands flickering about, with inconsistent faded denim. You wouldn’t wear a suit that doesn’t fit you correctly, its like driving Aston martin in a central London in a traffic jam. You are wearing them for the wrong reasons, they are meant to be comfortable yet stylish… so why wear jeans that are not doing their prescribed job?

Jeans are a global institution, of which there should be certain rules. The first being you do not talk about the rules, the second is the cut. Find out which cut fits you best and stick to it. I increasingly see men wearing a badly frayed boot cut, of which I am afraid just don’t do it anymore (check out Matt’s article on jeans basics here). It’s not all about how affluent you are – you don’t have to purchase jeans from Tom Ford – it’s about finding the perfect cut for you. I’ve often brought average denim, and had them tailored to ensure they fit perfectly. Tapering is not too expensive; don’t get your dry cleaner to do it, pop along to a proper tailor, Savile Row if it is convenient. It shouldn’t cost more than £20 and they will fit like a glove and look spectacular. Personally I believe Don Draper wears straight cut, and that’s good enough for me. Colour is always important, I prefer the darker navy blue, or perhaps grey. You can even get away with wearing darker denim in formal environments as long as they are fitted correctly.

The brand is also quite important, as each company has a different style and ethos; my current opinion on the leaders in the Jean revolution is Nudie Jeans. I purchased my favourite piece of their collection, dark grey denim, and they fitted perfectly. They seem to understand that we have a passion for jeans and mourn when our favourite pair wear out. They think that jeans share the same soul and attitude as music. And therefore don’t care about the ever-changing fashion world. Nudie make beautiful jeans that are timeless and unique. Their inspiration is far from glamour and catwalks, which is often bullshit anyway.

Quote: “Design goes beyond creating just a product that serves to fulfill a need or a function. The philosophy of Nudie jeans is to become part of your dreams. Jeans have a natural built-in dream and attitude.” which is going a little far, but I understand what they mean. They create a pair of jeans that you will live in, like another skin. As Denim ages beautifully, the more you wear them the better they seem to fit, jeans are more than a piece of clothing.

So please gentlemen, if you are taking anything back for Christmas, exchange it for a new pair of jeans, style is important – honour thy Jeans.

Happy New Year!

Nudie Jeans Collection


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Christian Kimber

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