Reader Fashion Debate - The Men's Playsuit

So, I’m going to do the debate thing again, only because I love a bit of controversy. This time the unsuspecting victim is the men’s playsuit.

Now when I first saw the man playsuit I felt my top lip curl involuntarily. However after some careful deliberating and styling to see what could be done with this all-in-one, I’ve decided I actually quite like it. If worn well it can be effortlessly cool.

None-the-less this garm doesn’t come without it’s hang ups. First of all, steer well clear if you’re a gangly, long legged creature. Unless that is, you’re willing to wear it with Meggings. As beautiful as your long legs may be, it will do you no favours having all 6ft of them on display. Same goes for you macho, muscled man-tings.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the category which is able to pull this look off, please, please, PLEASE be careful with sizes. Remember this is an all-in-one and nobody needs to bear witness to any pokey out bits (if you get me).

Following in the footsteps of the skinnies, drop crotch pants, and the man skirt, the playsuit is another item to transpire from womenswear into menswear this year.

But then is it? After all isn’t it just a boiler suit: a garment that has been worn by big, burly men for decades? Is it that just changing its name to a playsuit rather than a boiler suit makes it less masculine? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Obviously this one piece wonder has its good points, if you’re able to pull it off well, it looks amazing. It’s a great item to have in your summer wardrobe for the all important BBQ, street party, or just chilling out on the beach or shopping for new kicks. I think for festival wear this has to be at the top of the list, however getting half naked to use a festival loo… hmmmm. Moving swiftly on.

If you?re loving the playsuit, but are completely lost on how to wear it, here are a few styling tips. Try doing the geek chic look: button all the way up and maybe add a brooch or a bow tie to break up some of the colour. Throw on some big geeky glasses or some cool futuristic shades to give a bit of an edge to your threads.

Weather permitting, try wearing a printed Tee underneath, leaving your playsuit unbuttoned, don some thick knit socks with military boots and maybe some wartime medal brooches and a flat cap.

If like me, you’re partial to a bit of a rave or street party during the summer months, then I’m thinking Meggings, High-tops, a digital print Tee and some kind of huge necklace for a modern, New Rave, street look.

With the short suit becoming a trend for spring/summer 2010, I’ve been toying with the idea of teaming a playsuit with a pair of Brogues and a waistcoat for a fashion savvy daytime or office ensemble. I haven’t yet put this look into practice, but in my head it looks pretty sweet. I shall keep you posted on how that one plays out (no pun intended).

I’ve asked a few guys for their opinions on the playsuit, and mostly it’s an immense yes, love it. I want to hear what your thoughts and comments are.

Big Love,
Jacob Kamara