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Not in these shoes Darling…

So I imagine if you are a follower of FashionBeans, you might find your self in a situation when you think, “f*ck my shoes are going to get ruined in this weather”. If your not already thinking about this there are two reasons you should. Firstly people judge you by your shoes; girls, your boss, need I go on. Secondly the 21st century man needs to care about his shoes, his chosen brand of gin, the cut of his suit, the colour of his socks, the accessories in his toiletry bag and everything sartorial in his life. We need an everyday shoe; I have had a lot of people mailing me a related question. I think with style, success is standing out a little bit, not fitting in. It’s better to be a needle in a haystack than the haystack, so they need to be unique… the shoe you might even buy two pairs of if they are in a sale. We are looking for the perfect casual shoe.

We are often in certain situations when we need the casual shoe, following the Mrs around the lingerie department, or a picnic in the park for example. If a football gently rolls towards you, as a man you must kick it back, and not flip the Italian made loafers off to complete the task. So we need a shoe fit for the occasion. Stylish enough to perhaps even wear to work but also one to wear in the rain. So I have two ideas to destroy this question. You may all have different contributions, of which I advise you to comment on below.

My first casual shoe is the Paul Smith Musa. The ultimate trainer. So perfect in fact that I am on my 2nd pair. They are made of washed canvas with a suede toecap, which is versatile enough to transfer from casual situations to the business environment. If you are yet to discover a pair then I recommend you check them out. They also feature decorative insoles and a Paul Smith coat of arms, creating a very detailed shoe.

My second idea is an entire brand called Folk Shoes. They may look a little smarter than the average casual shoe, but the vibrant colours make them a contender. They are tidy shoes, with hard soles and soft interiors; comfort is always important when we discussing the casual. Beautiful shoes, made to last. Folk is a casual menswear brand started in 2001 in London. Shofolk, as the footwear collection is known for men and women, was established in 2004. The big guns say “Folk’s about making clean, honest understated garments with a meticulous eye for colour, fabric selection and design detail. They create simple everyday clothing with subtle, innovative and sometimes playful detailing”. They are Functional yet very stylish and you’re extremely unlikely to find another person with the same pair of shoes. The Shofolk are made in a small family owned factory in North Portugal with sixty years experience in hand, skilfully creating wonderfully coloured leathers.

So my advice is to ensure you find the perfect casual shoe for your general pursuits, if it be a high top or a folk lace up. Ensure you keep them looking fresh and clean, there is a fine line between casual and a messy trainer. Good Luck gentlemen in your crusade for the right sole.

The Shofolk Footwear New Collection


Shofolk Armstrong Suede Shoe Shofolk Max Leather Shoe Shofolk Harry Suede Shoe

Shofolk Finlay Leather Shoe Shofolk Harry Suede Shoe Shofolk Andre2 Leather Shoe


Shofolk Alaric Leather Lace-Up Shoes Shofolk Edwin Co-lab Armstrong Chukka Boots Shofolk Alaric Suede Lace-Up Shoes

Shofolk Finlay Leather Derby Shoes Shofolk Armstrong Leather Chukka Boots Shofolk Armstrong Suede Chukka Boots

Shofolk Alaric Leather Men's Derby Shoes Shofolk Harry Leather Chukka Boots Shofolk Andre Fur Lined Boots


SHOFOLK   Artie Mo Coffee Suede Boot SHOFOLK    Artie Mo Black Leather Boot SHOFOLK   Armstrong Brandy Tan Leather Boot

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