Spring 2010 Fashion Essential - The Blazer

Editor Note: This article coincided beautifully with the featured one below it, as earlier this week Marcus Rise detailed a great new trend that literally TOOK OVER the catwalks in the Spring/Summer preview runs… relaxed tailoring. Quite obviously the blazer was a massive part of this upcoming trend and featured in every high end designer’s collection. So why not start planning your wardrobe early this year and taking a look below at some of the best spring blazers on the market at the moment. Cheers, Ben

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In my opinion the Blazer is one of the most versatile pieces you could possibly hope to own. They work well as evening wear, great for day wear, great as outerwear, great for layering, great with a t-shirt, great with a scarf… you get the idea. Now, we have all heard of the blazer before and Im sure many of you out there have already experimented with them in the past? Being such a timeless piece there should be no excuse for a blazer not to appear in every mans wardrobe, even more so at the moment with some beautiful designs currently out there looking to lead your wardrobe into Spring.

Firstly, fit is everything. Buying a chest size too big will not make you look bigger or impress the sales girl, you will just look like your wearing your dads jacket so get the right size! Single breasted would definitely be a better choice as it gives you the option to wear it unbuttoned for a more casual look. The sleeves should finish anywhere in between your wrist bone and the thumb Metacarpophalangeal point… translation: the 2nd of the 3 joints on your thumb. I personally think the sleeve finishing on your wrist always tends to look better, especially if you are wearing a shirt or wrist watch (as Kanye has so kindly demonstrated above). If you don’t already own a blazer obviously it would be a better idea to purchase in black, navy, charcoal grey etc as they are timeless and will be more versatile with your current wardrobe. But, as I have already mentioned, there really are some interesting, unique blazers appearing online/in the shops and I think Pharrell (above) demonstrates how a colour we may not have even considered could really work. So if you already have the standard blue and blacks, and you are looking for something a little bit different, this might just be your season.

As well as the standard blazers we all know and love I am seeing a lot of knitted and Jersey blazers in the shops recently. Personally, I am not a fan. I don’t think they can give you quite the same silhouette your classic structured blazer can (which is what the blazer is all about) and basically… we’ve already got Cardigans to do their job! That being said though, I can understand if some men find them more comfortable or easier to roll the sleeves up for a more casual look, but I just don’t understand their purpose.


With Jacob’s DIY article causing quite a stir at the moment, something I would strongly recommend, and something I do myself ALL the time is modify my blazer. When buying a key piece on the high street such as a blazer, one of the key give-aways that it is in fact ‘high-street’ is usually the buttons. They tend to be pretty plain and if Im honest, usually look somewhat cheap. As soon as I purchase anything with plain/cheap looking buttons i’ll visit the nearest habadashery and purchase a whole new set. I feel it just adds that little bit more character to the item and the chances of someone having those exact buttons on exactly that Blazer are very slim, therefore your item is completely unique. Also if you know of a good tailor you could maybe think about changing the lining to a different colour or pattern? Even adding a funky pocket scarf or a vintage brooch? They can all help add that little unique touch to the piece and will eliminate the embarrassment of standing next to the guy at the bar in EXACTLY the same Topman Blazer!

Spring Blazers


VILLAGE GREEN TERRANCE BLAZER White Skinny Trim jacket Striped Double Breasted Jacket

Denim Skinny Trim Jacket Charcoal Herringbone Jacket Navy Berry Skinny Razor Jacket


Ted Baker Cotton Sateen Short Blazer ASOS Check Blazer Junk De Luxe Game Johnston Cropped Peak Lapel Jacket


Navy Check Piped Cotton Blazer Navy Cotton Yacht Crest Blazer Light Grey Stripe Cotton Cropped Fitted Blazer


Alexander McQueen Diamond Jaquard Single Breasted Jacket Kolor Wool Mix Jacket Jil Sander Show Suit Jacket

Browns Fashion

Light cotton single-breasted jacket by Umit Benan Jil Sander Jacket Collarless single-breasted jacket