Spring/Summer Essential - The Denim Shirt
The Denim Shirt – Editor Intro

Editor Note: I personally covered denim shirts myself last year, and how to wear double denim correctly: you can check out the articles here and here. However, I noticed before Christmas that the denim shirt looks like it is going to gain momentum this year, especially for the Spring/Summer seasons. A lot of the new collection releases feature denim shirts prominently (such as All Saints, Diesel and Levi’s) and based on the previews of D&G and the like, they are really going to be pushed this coming year.

It makes perfect sense if you think about it because men with an eye on fashion are moving away from just using jeans in every outfit and mixing in new skinny trousers and chinos to create a whole new look. Mixing in a denim shirt with this look can be amazing as showcased by the Channing Tatum editorial picture above. Grey chinos with a light denim shirt will look great this Spring, and roll the legs up and add some deck shoes = perfect fashion forward outfit. I will expand more on this in the coming months, but look out for a great look book soon using inspirations from the latest catwalks and editorials I have seen. This is going to be one look that you don’t want to miss out on this year. Personally I already have 3 in different shades and washes from last year, but I will be looking to add a great black wash to my collection for this year.

Take it away Jack…

Adaptable Denim

Shirts. Along with most other guys I suspect, I own a fair bunch of them. There are the crisp, bold suit shirts for work and the more formal occasions. Then you’ve got the check shirts; adaptable and relaxed. And then there are the light linen shirts for the summer months and warm holiday evenings on the beach. When you think of shirts, denim is certainly not a fabric that quickly comes to mind. Yet, when worn in the right setting and with other complementing pieces, a denim shirt can look very individual and stylish and is certainly a must have piece this coming season.

I’m not talking about old worn out shirts that lumberjacks might chop wood in, no. Denim shirts are a diverse range of clothing that can be worn in an equally diverse range of situations. Certainly they can compete with the check pattern shirt, which in my experience, has come to dominate the smart/casual look emulated by many the party goer. There are a wide range of styles available, along with many different shades, including grey and multi-shaded. As mentioned in Ashley Cover’s earlier story, denim shirts can work very well as part of a vintage look.

The Denim shirt is certainly a must have for Spring/Summer 2010. Informally, as with the check and linen shirts, a denim shirt looks fab worn over a tee or vest, the lighter shades of denim look especially relaxed when worn in this way. The darker the shade of denim, the more formal the shirt tends to look, although there are certainly no definite rules when it comes to shade of fabric. Don’t be scared to experiment with this type of shirt, a fitted, well styled denim shirt can look amazing if you’re heading for a night on the town, just as it can left open and layered with a graphic tee as casual day wear.

When wearing a denim shirt certainly don’t worry about wearing jeans as well. However, I would vary the colour between the upper and lower denim pieces, even just slightly – there was that awful tendency a few years ago to wear the same shade of denim all over, which unless you are a bona fide cowboy, ends up looking something a bit like a denim tracksuit in my opinion. Also, if you are wearing a smart denim shirt, wear a smart pair of jeans, otherwise the overall look of your outfit may not look coherent. These are not strict points! Certainly do not be afraid to test this type of shirt out with most styles that you can think of.

You will be pleased to hear, especially if you are a full time student like me, and in these times of recession, that these shirts are not necessarily very expensive. Topman, Uniqlo and many other high street brands sell them, as well as online names like Asos. You may even be able to find one in your local charity shop for a real bargain, although I would certainly go for a good quality shirt; with shirts being washed more often than jeans, if the quality of the fabric is too poor, they may lose their colour and vigour quite quickly.

Denim is adaptable, stylish and comfortable, and denim shirts certainly live up to this description. Just below, I’ve included a few picks online from the latest collections so that you can have a quick glance at what’s on offer out there. This will definitely expand over the coming months, but it is definitely a trend to get on board with early this year.

Denim Shirts

All Saints

Ban Denim Shirt Quarry Shirt Lakewood L/s Shirt


Black Denim Shirt Blue Denim Button Down Shirt Grey Denim Cord Collar Shirt


Levi's Western Shirt Levi's Work Shirt Nudie Benny Light Stone Wash Denim Shirt

ASOS Black Denim Shirt ASOS Light Wash Denim Shirt Denim Demon Miekle Raw Denim Shirt


DIESEL    Shott Denim Shirt DIESEL   Shotting Black Denim Shirt PAUL SMITH - JEANS    971J-132 Light Wash Shirt