Most people would rightly state that neglecting sunglasses when the Autumn/Winter season arrives is a given.

I’m not going to bore you with the Health facts which arise from UV rays in fact still being extremely strong in the winter, and the reflection off surfaces such as snow or ice also having a huge effect on your eyes (I’m boring you already aren’t I?). But I’ll let you in on the little secret that they still have the same importance for eye protection as they do in the Summer.

In this [hopefully not already dismissed by the unwilling] article, I’m going to highlight the key sunglasses for AW10 and why they still should be one of the most popular accessories in your arsenal.


The choice is – as with many – endless and to the unsuspecting, daunting.

Sometimes I believe the range of styles is too wide and people find themselves struggling to find what best suits them. Then they find FashionBeans and it’s a whole new playing field.

As for popular styles this season, they, as expected, have carried over from the SS months. Think wayfarers, aviators, even clubmasters and then some. Although when it comes to winter I personally believe you can err towards the bigger of frames; sticking to the fundamentals is still key.

Some people stay away from sunglasses all year round, shouting statements such as “Sunglasses don’t suit me” or “my heads to big for sunglasses” won’t wash here. Just because they’re optional, where as trousers or shoes are not, does not mean for an easy dismissal.

Sunglasses do suit you so I’ll offer the same advice FashionBeans Assistant Editor Luke gives to the smoker in-quittal… man up.

You took the effort to find out your shoe size and now that number serves you well. Equally, it’s just about finding the right sunglasses for your face structure, which is something Luke tackled back in the summer [perhaps with a bit more tact than the above?]

Summer Wardrobe Essentials: Sunglasses Guide

Sunglasses for A/W 10
  • Wolfgang Army Tortoise Sunglasses
  • Spitfire Babet Round Lens Sunglasses
  • Marc By Marc Jacobs Square Acetate Aviator Sunglasses
  • Tom Ford Charles Aviator Sunglasses
  • Black Acetate 3 Wrap Sunglasses Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Black Retangular Lens Sunglasses Persol
  • very vintage sunglasses
  • am eyewear
  • Mykita No.2 Sun Steve Sunglasses
Implementing them into your look

Now the good thing with accessories and sunglasses is they’re simply an addition to your overall look and wardrobe persona. They’re a personal touch and a way of adding individuality to a trend.

Sunglasses are still featured in Autumn/Winter trends across the fashion board. Topman having implemented Wayfarers into their latest trend “Contemporary Punk”, prove the fact that sunglasses still hold their weight past the summer season.

Sunglasses look good all year round providing they’re worn well. It is important to remember that they are an accessory, an addition to your overall look, not the ‘be all – end all’ and the pit stop of your wardrobe.

Your main focus should be on every other piece of clothing you’re wearing, allowing your chosen sunglasses to add a personal touch to your look. It may be a good idea to carry yourself with some sensibility and stay away from overtly dark lenses, but it’s all about gauging how much ‘winter sun’ you anticipate; and how close you anticipate that lamppost is.

One combination I personally love is wearing them alongside a chunky scarf. These are two accessories, which logically contrast each other, but work extremely well together!

Lookbook Inspiration

(I haven’t added snow/ice into these photos! Honest!…)

Rocking Sunglasses in the Winter

A shady end

By now you should be nudged towards some educational effort. Sunglasses really aren’t a one-season trick-pony accessory-trend; they serve the same purpose of looking stylish all year round.

Any given bible of style found here on FashionBeans will bring about new ideas and create inspiration in even the most dismissive of men. So as we end, lets get started:

  • Are Sunglasses in winter necessary?
  • Can you pull them off without looking pretentious?
  • How many of you actually use them? And not just on those really bright once in blue moon winter mornings.
  • How do you use them in your winter outfits?
  • What other winter accessories do you pair them with?