The Alternative Valentine's Day

Saint Valentine. He’s got a lot to answer for hasn’t he? Giving global corporations the impetus to cash in on our willingness to celebrate THAT four-letter word. But what about the 14th Februarys’ forgotten few?

For many of us single folk, it’s a time to reflect on what should have been, as well as what could be just around the corner. However, as someone who always turns negative situations into positive ones, I believe that Valentines Day can be more special to the unattached male than first thought. On average, during this ‘holiday period’, men spend twice as much as women on gifts. So this year, instead of trying to woo ‘the unattainable one’ with chocolates (that she will probably never eat), flowers (which will probably end up at her grans) or racy underwear (which she will probably wear for someone else), invest in the most important thing… you.

Remember the most important rule of this investment… you are the hardest person to impress, so put a little bit more effort in than you normally would do with a girl. £200, for me, seems to be ideal price territory for gift buying. Anymore seems a little excessive and any less seems a bit cheap. Once your price limit has been set, relax and have a long hard think about what you WANT. NEED is not a word that should be crossing your mind through this process.

This is a season for knitwear lovers, so splash out on a luxury chunky cardigan, or a cashmere V-neck that can be used in layering. Buying trousers can sometimes be tricky so I believe that you can never go wrong with a straight fit jean or chino. Dark washes and colours will be able to be worn with the majority of what you own and quality is key when looking for the bottom half of an outfit, so don’t recoil when a large price tag is present.

Spend wisely. My personal opinion is that if I have a set amount of money, I look for an expensive piece that I will both wear a lot and keep for many seasons. I have wanted a pastel blue Dries Van Noten shirt for a few months now and the tone will complement my wardrobe well. This retails at around £155 so I would even have the added privilege of change. I might even spend the rest on a nice new scent, or maybe a few white American Apparel t-shirts. It’s amazing that in this time of potential loneliness and self-doubt, the rekindling of an old beautiful flame called fashion has re-affirmed my faith in love. A love that will always be reciprocated…

Here are a few ideas form the new in collections as to what to spend that hard earned money on. Enjoy!

Valentine’s Treats


Stone High Neck Cardigan Light Grey Skinny Chinos Denim Skinny Trim Jacket


Beige Desert Boots Blue Cricket Style Shawl Neck Cardigan Grey Premium Trousers


Old Curiosity Shop Scarf Damir Doma Jersey 'Talus' T-shirt Maison Martin Margiela Shopping Bag


Ecru Shawl Collar Merino Cardigan Grim Tim Slim Dry Dirt Organic Jeans Navy Cotton Summer Coat

New Look
Seem to be having trouble with their images at the moment. These will appear once New Look fix the problem.

Stripe Tee Classic Cardigan Trilby

All Saints

Detach Boot Banquet L/s Shirt Jargon Jacket

Matches Fashion

very vintage sunglasses 3.1 phillip lim 5.1 annapurna